Learning to Observe

learning-to-observeThere are several ways to observe but not absorb. The first is to be aware of energy and consciously intend not to absorb. Pay attention and ask yourself during the course of your day, “Am I feeling what I am feeling or am I feeling what the person I am with is feeling? How much of my experience actually originates with me?” “How much energy have I simply absorbed sitting next to or interacting with someone who is agitated or aggressive or dynamic or bossy or overwhelmed?”

Another way to avoid absorbing energy is to be grounded. To be grounded means connecting your energy to the ground. This may sound silly but most of us are so disconnected energetically that we’re not even in our own bodies. Where are you right now? Are you in your body or are you still at home making breakfast or parking your car or thinking about tomorrow?

Wherever your consciousness is there you are and if you are not in your body someone else’s energy may be there instead of yours. If you consciousness is preoccupied elsewhere, thinking of the past or the future and not present in the moment you are like a house with open doors and windows. What happens when you have a house with open doors and windows? Anyone can come in and take over. Pretty soon you find yourself run by an agenda that is not at all in harmony with what’s important to you.

The first way to become grounded is to breathe in and out deeply and bring your attention back to your body. Let the energy return back to your body and reclaim your physical space. Move out with your intentions all energies that don’t belong to you.

Most of what influences our life and prevents us from following our intuition is being manipulated and overwhelmed by the people around us and their agendas and goals. We have to practice being in charge of our space, keep it clear so we can stay on course and follow the direction from within.

Another way to become grounded is to get closer to the earth by doing outdoor activities such as gardening and just walking barefoot on the grass. Working with clay is a grounding activity.

The earth is our mother it is where we draw our energy. It is what nurtures our body, calms us down, neutralizes our emotions and keeps us well. Our consciousness travels but we have to be careful not to let it travel so far away that we lose touch with our physical body and out of touch with the earth.

Your diet plays an important part you being grounded. If you don’t give your body the basic things it needs your energy will suffer and so will your consciousness. Your diet doesn’t have to be complex, keep it simple. Drink real water and eat real food preferably that comes from the ground at least once a day.

Eating real food means food that it comes from a fresh source grown from the ground such as fresh greens, fruits, vegetables, food that has life force in it. Real water is not coffee or soft drinks but rather bottled or filtered water without chemicals.

Our society with its fast pace and disorganization causes many people to eat fast food thinking that they are getting something fresh or real when they are not The more distanced you are from real food and water the less grounded you will be and the more overwhelmed you will be by other people’s energy.

You have to be conscious and present in your body and connected to the earth. When you are grounded and learn to observe through deep breathing, being in the moment, in charge of your personal space the more intuitive you will be and you’ll be able to better hear the voice of your spirit.

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