Live Conscientiously

live-contscientiouslyHow do you live your life? Address the most pressing problems? Are you able to do what needs to be done to improve the world and then sit back enjoy and not take life too seriously?

In order to truly enjoy life you have to understand that your inner development takes outer expression. Not necessarily in big dramatic ways, it can be simply in the smallest mundane tasks because the little things are where we live our life.

For example when you’re driving do you signal your turn when you get to the corner so that the other drivers are not waiting to see if you are turning or going straight? Do you pick up a piece of trash on the floor or just walk past it? When you think you’ve finished a job do you look to see what you might have missed and then really finish it? Do you pay your bills on time? Do you give full value for every job you are paid to do?

To enjoy life you have to take responsibility and not put things off. Problems that are ignored or shrugged off fester and become worse. A conscientious person knows that and takes care of business. It doesn’t mean that you have to make impossible demands on yourself. Doing this inevitably leads you to make impossible demands on others.

Understand your own weaknesses. You may not be perfect but parts of you are excellent and that’s good enough. Just know which parts of you are excellent and play to your strengths. Know what your weaknesses are and come up with compensating strategies for them. For example, if you know that you run about ten minutes late for everything then plan to be ten minutes early.

Too many times people run and hide from life. Eventually we all have to take a stance and do what needs to be done no matter what the consequences are that’s alright because it’s all empty. Even the most challenging circumstances are essentially empty. The Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato said, “No human thing is of serious importance.” The leader of the Indian independence movement Mahatma Gandhi said, “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

On one level we are conscientious and on another we need to understand that life a big movie. It’s devoid of ultimate reality. It has a physical reality that must be respected but ultimately know it is simply our soul living one life time to the next in its journey to connect with source.

In reality we don’t know what’s going on anyway. The front lens of the soul is the ego and it is looking out through this whole body of soul experience. The ego puts a commentary on everything we do in life so it makes our experiences very narrow and limited but as we become more enlightened and get closer to spirit our experiences open and expand.

Everything we think we know is based on our body of sole experience. The problem is at the very next moment our experience may expand to contradict everything we have concluded up to this point. For example Europeans felt very sure that mammals never lay eggs until the first European explorers got to Australia and encountered their first Platypus.

All we really know is up to the present moment but with each passing moment we know more. We try to predict the future based on the past and what our ego tells us we can accomplish in the future but these things are based on past particulars so there is always more to be revealed.

When everything we think we know is so shaky to begin with how can we give ultimate importance to what we are doing in response to what we think we know? How can we know for sure what the results of our actions will be? For example we might work very hard to achieve a goal only to be satisfied for a moment and then what? It never ends. We are never satisfied.

When you feel absolute conviction about what you are doing never to be satisfied it makes more sense to live conscientiously when you don’t have to be right about everything. You stop taking life so seriously and just enjoy the moment knowing that everything you do is minimal in context with the whole. Everything is as it should be in the context of the Universe.

When we live a spirit driven life we feel the spaciousness, the openness and the natural great perfection of every moment just as it is. Experiencing everything we do in the context of total freedom no matter what is going on around us.

Our society because it so ego-driven will test this because the physical part of our life will always be there but when we are connected to our spirit it will overshadow the pain of life. It’s not what is done to you rather it’s the way you process it, the way you experience it. If you are connected to spirit, your experience will be one of openness, and letting go rather than attaching. The energy is light, open and expansive. Everything is experienced through your infinite spirit.

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