Living In Wonder

living-in-wonderThe front door to your higher self is the imagination. The reason the imagination is the access door to intuition is because when you imagine the first thing your mind will do is go to your subconscious to see if there is anything there that can guide you. Next your mind will go to telepathy to see if there is anything there that will guide you. As you continue to imagine your mind will ultimately go to your higher self for guidance.

The best way to connect with your spirit is to live in a state of wonder. Every time you wonder you open the door to you higher self. Wonder is the gateway to your intuition. Wonder will go into your subconscious mind, telepathy and your higher self as it looks for answers. Every time you say “I wonder” you are inviting your higher self to have a conversation with you.

For example, if you say “I wonder who is on the phone.” Your higher self is then given a chance to speak or you might say, “I wonder what is the best way to do this project?” and you invite your higher self in. You might ask “I wonder what my health needs are?” This invites the higher self in to speak.

You have to ask your higher self to participate because it is your free will that invites it to participate. Living in a state of wonder creates a whole new perspective in your life. It takes you out of logic and reason and puts you in a realm of possibility and surprise. Every time you wonder you access more than you intellectually know.

When you wonder you invite all types of inspiration that otherwise would not have been able to help and guide you. Wonder about everything. The more you wonder the more your spirit can speak.

When you live in a state of wonder it’s important to understand this is an exploration, it’s an adventure into the unknown but it is not a test. Many of us approach intuition as a proving ground and don’t allow for the playfulness of the spirit. The pathway of the spirit is the pathway of play. The ego is serious and questions everything. It lives in the world of right and wrong. You need to get around the ego by being playful. Not serious, not testing.

It’s important to avoid emotionally charged questions such as “I wonder if I will be alone all my life?” or “I wonder if I will have enough money to pay my bills?” or “I wonder if I will get sick?” Questions like these bring up your ego and cause you to think of worst case scenarios. They totally disconnect you from spirit.

Be light and playful. Focus on questions that you have neutral feelings about such as, “I wonder which elevator is going to open up first? I wonder what’s on sale at the grocery store. I wonder where I can find the type of shoes I’m looking for. I wonder what I should wear to dinner.”  Ask questions that are playful and allow your spirit to speak to you and lay the pathway to a six sensory life.

Avoid setting up tests. For example, don’t pit yourself against someone else and set yourself up for failure or have disappointments. Wonder is not guessing rather it is wondering. There is no right or wrong answer, you’re just wondering and inviting your higher self to guide you.

Work from a place of curiosity. The best intuitive guides are good because they are intensely curious about the nature of life, people and things. The more curious you are the more enthusiastic you will be and the more opportunity you will give your spirit to come into your life. The spirit works from the energy of the heart and if your heart is really curious then your spirit will talk to you.

Always be willing to be surprised and learn something new every day. Allow yourself to wrong. The idea isn’t to be right but to notice how it feels when your intuition does provide guidance and answers in contrast to when it doesn’t.

When you get intuitive feelings they will be physical. You may feel it in your gut or chest or your throat. You will feel the energy coming through somewhere physically and it will feel different when you are in harmony with spirit energy as opposed to when you are not. Get in touch with how your physical body feels when you wonder.

When you wonder you sharpen your sensitivity to the energy around you. The more aware you are the better able you will be to make the right decisions.

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