Living In Your Own Authority

living-in-your-own-authorityOne of the things that I have noticed with people during my years as an intuitive consultant is their approach to sixth sensory awareness. Rarely do people take into consideration how practical the voice of their spirit is. How much it will help them in every area of their life to have a better experience than they otherwise would be able to create for themselves.

It’s important to remember that intuition is a moving target.  Everything in the Universe is pure vibration, energy in motion. When reading energy, understand that we are moving out of linear time which is why we need to be flexible. People get so stuck in one way of doing things, their own routines every day. They often feel trapped by life.

When you live a six sensory life it means living in your own authority. This is not easy because the world in not set up for this type of autonomy. Our society is set up in a way to have people in authority and then followers underneath them. When you step out of that you will be confronted, challenged, questioned and even told “you can’t do that.” These are the gateways to living in your own authority.

Living in your own authority does not mean you escape responsibility rather you take responsibility for what your spirit needs to be happy. When your spirit is happy you are living in truth. You know who you really are and you’re able to create whatever you need, you no longer have to stay in these belief systems that say “you have no power or authority, you have no ability to create, you have to follow the rules” but when you walk through that gateway and connect with your spirit you suddenly remember who you are.

You remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and you can create a life that works for you. While it doesn’t go with the ordinary societal norms it will not bring ordinary results either. It will bring extraordinary results in your life.

How do you start living in your own authority? You start by learning to trust the voice of your spirit. Begin recording your intuitive messages and set up smaller opportunities where it doesn’t feel so threatening and extreme. For example, “should I take the highway home or would I get home faster if I take the back roads?” When you set up little experiences what you are doing is setting up little opportunities to have the voice of your spirit interact in your life. They are like small flagstones on your six sensory path that lay under your feet.

Every opportunity where you allow your spirit to give you guidance you create a relationship that will give you the confidence and the trust you need to have when you get to the larger more difficult decisions. You build up to it. You don’t play Chopin the first time you sit down at a piano.

When you first embark on the path of six sensory living you won’t necessarily be an expert the first day, however you will have experiences from the first day that will enable you to develop the trust you need to begin living a six sensory life.

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