How Being In Love Will Strengthen Your Relationships

The Power Of Being In LoveOne of our highest and most important schools of soul growth is in relationships. We have to find the courage to step into relationships because that is where we will find our joy and purpose in life. Being in love.

We need to learn to step away from the old model of relationships, which is “I don’t feel loved so I’m not going to look for it, or I’m not going to find someone who will give me the love I need and take care of me.”

So many of us fall into the same trap. Whether you are married or in relationship with a partner. You believe that you will eventually come back to the same point, where another person can’t quite give you what you are looking for or not in a long and lasting way.

So, we need to change our whole approach to entering relationships. We must enter any relationship from a place of being in love.  Our ego or intellect has put us outside of love where we are always seeking and never finding. It’s important to enter relationships not from our ego or our personality but rather from our spirit.

Our spirit is never out of love; our spirit is always in the frequency of love. We cannot be outside of love when we are in the frequency of spirit.

When you enter into a relationship from the feeling of being in love; inside of love and not being disconnected, you know that you don’t have to earn love or barter for it. You can say without a doubt that you are in the experience of love and want to share it. You want to share it with someone else. There is no void.

So how do we feel when you are in love?

First you need to recognize that you are not your personality. Your personality is something that you manufacture in order to navigate the obstacle course called life. Your personality is the part of you that has had to earn approval. It is the part of you that emerged when you were too vulnerable to take care of yourself, it is not who you are. Your personality is in service to you and your spirit.

You need to awaken to what is true and what is true is that you are always in love; Your essence is never away from love.  For example, when someone says “Hi, how are you?”  You can say “I am in love. Do you want to be in love with me?” Play around with it and people will be quite surprised. If you phrase it correctly, they will always say “yes.” Saying, “I’m in love, do you want to be in love with me?” may feel risky at first to go there so I suggest you try it with a close friend or relative first. Remember, everybody wants to be in love.

Every day you should acknowledge how much love is there for you and acknowledge how much love is being given to you. People are kind to us all the time but, instead we focus on the person who might be having a bad day and takes it out on us. New and wonderful things are opening up all the time, but we ignore them. People are connecting with each other all the time.

When you really stop to live in the present moment you will be able to see clearly that love doesn’t come from that one idealistic place in your mind. You can see that love is a sea of energy that you can swim in all the time and enjoy it.

Being in love takes the pressure off your partner to be your source of love. No human being can be your source of love. They can only share love and life with you, they are not the source of love you need to survive. When you practice being in love then you are not looking for or putting on to another person unfairly or unrealistically for them to be your source of love.

Being in love allows your partner to become your companion in love. Your playmate in love. They become your beloved in love and it’s no longer about being out of love and telling your partner, “you better give me what I want to keep this relationship together.”

This is a very different approach to relationships than most of us were ever introduced to and have ever thought about experiencing, but if you really practice this especially with the people who you are in relationships with you will experience extraordinary relationships.

All the world loves a lover. When you’re in love, sharing love, and asking people to be in love with you, your relationships are going to shift very quickly and very profoundly. All the hurt, wounds and disappointment that your ego is so good at creating will begin to subside.

Make it a daily practice to remind yourself to be in love. Say “I’m In Love” Notice where love is coming to you from. Recognize that you’re are not being deprived of love and share the experience of being in love. Have fun with that and share the energy. Instead of feeling that the world is having a party and you’re not invited. Which is how the ego likes to approach love. “It’s happening over there and no matter what I do it’s not happening for me.”

Your ego will never really let you be in love because it was born out of fear. It was created and cultivated out of fear. It was developed feeling outside of love. When your ego gets worked up you have to train it by saying, “I love you but come and be in love with me and my spirit. Don’t pull me away from my spirit; don’t pull me away from who I am, from my source of inner light.”

The Universe is asking us to be in love. When we are inside the bubble of love, we can heal those who don’t feel included. Then your relationships will start to become fulfilling. People will come to be in love with you. When you open the bubble of love up, no one can resist love. Practice this and you will see just how attractive you are. How appealing you are.

It doesn’t matter what you look like or how tall you are or how fat you are or how skinny you are, or even how much money you have. Forget all of that. None of those things will prevent you from being in love, experiencing love or attracting love. Trust me, try it!



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