Making Life An Extraordinary Experience

making-life-an-extraordinary-experienceMost of us get so caught up in doing life that we actually miss it. We race through life so fast we don’t even know if we’re enjoying it or not. We don’t have the time to know if we’re experiencing any pleasure from it.

We are here to experience the joy, pleasure, and excitement of life. We are having this human experience to challenge of our own creative nature. We need to discover who we are, spiritual beings having a human experience.

When life is ordinary you don’t feel inspired, imaginative, or motivated. You feel run down and apathetic. You feel disinterested in what’s going on around us. Food loses its flavor and you no longer hear the music of life. You are not motivated and don’t feel any pleasure. You are always reaching for the future instead of living in the moment. When you make life extraordinary you are living in the present moment.

We need beauty, sensitivity, and emotional fulfillment. Most of us keep pushing on and have a voyeuristic quality life. Our lives are going by and we’re missing it. Making life extraordinary has a lot to do with passion, romance, and play. We need to laugh, enjoy life and have fun. When life is ordinary we don’t laugh very much. Most of us probably can’t even remember the last time we laughed or played.

When life is extraordinary you allow yourself to wallow in comfort and feel as if you’re having the most exquisite moment of filling up your senses. For example it’s like sitting around a fireplace and feeling the warmth, watching the fire and getting the comfort of being drawn into the romance of it.

You are not here to endure life but rather to enjoy it. You are here to enjoy the physical plain and all that it has to offer. The only way you know if you are really enjoying life is through your feelings.

You have to meet your needs in a luxurious way. Taking the basic and making it a work of art this is when you make life extraordinary. This way it’s important to have romance in your life because it allows you to take the small moments of every day and expand them into these wonderful spirit nurturing connections.

Making life extraordinary is about giving yourself permission to enjoy your life in a meaningful way. It’s about responding to what your spirit craves in a way that is kind, warm and generous. You are not just here. Realize and understand that you are really important. You deserve to experience life in the best, most comforting and satisfying way.

Take the time you need to have a physically comfortable life. Take time to rest and recreate. Treat yourself as someone important, that matters. Speak to yourself in a loving way. Think about yourself in a kind, nurturing way and appreciative way. For example, take the time to look nice. Comb your hair, put on make-up and nice looking clothes. Celebrate your accomplishments. When you do something you’re proud of take the time to celebrate.

For example, when you serve meals at home put garnish and dress the plate or food up, making every meal a sense of occasion. Most people only do this on certain occasions, like Thanksgiving and Christmas when you set the beautiful table or put out the special candles these are things that nurture your spirit.

Let that be a part of every day, not just putting things out in a utilitarian way but rather nurturing your spirit. Dressing up and presenting life to yourself in a way that is beautiful. That is sensual, exquisite and alive. This is what creating an extraordinary life is about.

Give yourself permission to go beyond what you need into what you desire. Take the ordinary and make it a little more special. These are the ways you make an ordinary life into and extraordinary one.

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