Mastering Money

mastering-moneyOne of the things we have lots of old ideas about is money. A way of changing the old ideas and upgrading them is to take a look at money from a different point of view. Money is just energy and function of energy exchange.

I find that many people use money as a way of protecting themselves from life. They have a feeling that life is out to get them, that the world is a threatening place and if they have enough money they’re going to be safe. That may be correct to a certain degree, but if your entire relationship to money is based on this, it’s going to make you very defensive and you’ll be living out of a survival mode.

You need to put money at the service of your own life energy. Then it will become an expression of your life force which has been keeping you conscious and alive every since you were born. It isn’t money that has kept you alive. If money were responsible for your survival, you would never have been born and would not be alive today.

Once you are able to take your attention off money and learn to trust and use your intuition, then you will be able to make and use money with more freedom.

There are four stages of mastering money, of organizing money in your life so that it expresses your life energy most effectively.

The first stage, of course, is making money. At some point you get money. You don’t start with money. Money comes to you.

So the first phase of money flow is towards you. You can’t spend it until you have it. So how do you direct your energy in such a way that it returns to you in the form of money?

You were born with a certain connection to life itself which flows through you like electricity. It makes your body move and makes mind awake. You have more energy than you need to fulfill your daily tasks.

The way you make money is to take some of this surplus of energy beyond what you need for yourself and you direct it towards the support of someone else or some other people. You let the energy flow through you to them enhancing their spirit and yours.

The second stage of mastering money is saving money, taking the energy which has come back to you from people‘s gratitude and knowing what to do with it. In order to do this you must come from a higher level of consciousness. You must come from a place of non-judgment of unconditional love; if you’re not coming from this state of being you will not use your money to its highest good.

In order to be able to save money, you have to be willing to have more energy associated with you. It’s not just your day to day flow, but its return on your actions of the past. So to save money, you have to have the idea it is okay for me to be very energetic, it is okay for me to be connected with my sprit and have light. You want to concentrate on that at an internal level in order to prepare the psychic space to actually have money in the bank.

The third stage of the money cycle is knowing how to spend the money because if we don’t spend it, it just sits still in our savings account and becomes very static. Money, when it is not moving, doesn’t really have any purpose or any value for people. It’s just sitting there and it loses its charge, it loses its energy to a certain extent and it actually begins to lose its value.

The fourth and final stage of the money cycle is the action of investing your money. Investing is when you allow other people to use your energy, your money to do their work and then when that work succeeds, they give you back your money plus the benefits, the profits, the dividends of the extra value or energy which they have stimulated by borrowing your power.

Think of it as a mountain that’s growing. You’re on the top of the mountain and you’re the spearhead going up into the sky. Your energy is flowing out into the universe but you’re letting some of it return and accumulate around you and then go wider and wider until it’s like a great pyramid or a great cone of wealth which is growing underneath you and it becomes your support. This is the energetic picture of money management.

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