Observing Energy In Motion

energy-in-motionI am often asked, “Can intuitive people predict the future?” This is the image that Hollywood has given to people who are intuitive and that so many uninformed people have.

The future is a moving target. It is the consequence of choices we make in the moment. Being intuitive is not about predicting a future as though it is a removed and detached situation that you are going to run into rather being intuitive is creating the future you want.

Intuition is the art of observing energy in motion, for example let’s say you are at a baseball game and you’re observing the pitcher as the he is about to throw the ball you are watching energy in motion. When the pitcher pulls his hand back you can see that his wrist is twisted a certain way and is ready to throw the ball you can see if it is going to be a ball or a strike. You can predict that the pitcher will not throw a strike. You can see where every bit of his energy is oriented towards releasing vibration outside of the strike zone.

This is all prediction is. Being able to project how energy flows before it’s released. There is no real mystery to prediction. Every time you say “I bet” you are predicting.

What you need to work on if you want to live a sixth sensory life is probability. Improving the energy or the bet, so the direction in the flow of energy you are perceiving is where you want to go. Being intuitive is not about prediction but rather about accurately reading energy in process.

Being intuitive makes It possible for you to perceive people’s intentions perhaps more accurately than then they do. The more informed you are, the more intuitively informed and equipped you are to make the right decisions.

Being intuitive is not about predicting the future happening to us rather it is helping us create the future and intuitive ability shows us how we are creating the future in the planning stage instead of the building stage so we can improve our plans.

Once probabilities are decided upon they become predictable. People who are trained to accurately perceive energy in motion can predict. Analysts do it, stock brokers do it and even doctors do it when they discover abnormalities in cell tissues. Intuitive people do it as well, it’s natural.

There are many types of intuitive tools you can use and I encourage you to investigate which ones work best for you. Some of the tools you may want to try include automatic writing, the pendulum and psychometry.

Other good tools are the rune stones which come from the ancient Nordic tradition, Tarot Cards which come from Renaissance Europe and the I-ching coins from Ancient China. You will find these tools along with instructions on how to use them on the Internet and in many meta-physical stores.

The important thing to remember about any intuitive tool you use is that the tool itself has no power. You having a conversation with your higher self is where the power lies. The tool is simply a conduit or medium for the dialogue with your higher self

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