Be Open To Guidance In Every Relationship

Be Open To Guidance In Every RelationshipHaving a happy and fulfilling life depends on how successful your relationships are. It doesn’t matter whether it’s romantic relationships, family relationships, or professional relationships. It also includes the relationships you have with your spirit guides and your higher self. It’s all relationships.

Our strong desire for happiness and wanting to learn and grow is our underlying desire to have better relationships. Better relationships not with other people but also with yourself as well. If a relationship is troubling or absent in your life, you need to ask yourself, “why?”

It’s important that you start thinking about which relationship you would like to be spiritually guided in and ask for guidance.  Have a conversation with your spirit. It works the same for any type of relationship.

You might want to have a conversation with your spirit guides and ask for guidance on the best way to find a romantic partner that would lead to marriage. Maybe you and your partner have having difficulties in your relationship and you need advice on how to solve the problems you are having. You might need guidance on how to have better professional relationships. There might be something challenging with your family.

Always be prepared for what’s to come. For example, maybe there is a relationship you’re getting prepared for and you want to connect with their spirit before they even show up in the physical realm.

Everyone of us can think of some area in a relationship that we need guidance on. It could be strengthening your relationship with spirit or your spirit guides.

I need a lot of sleep and one of the reasons for that is to connect with my spirit guides. Another reason is that when I have an appointment with a client, I often meet up with them prior to in their dream space. Clients will often tell me before our session even begins that they dreamt about me. These are all relationships.

You go into the sacred space any relationship. It all can be explored, family, loved ones; even relationships with those who have crossed over; There’s no limit. You should however concentrate on one relationship at a time. The only exception is if you want to have a conversation with your higher self, relative to relationships in general.

Ask yourself, “what would my guidance be to improve relationships in general?” Everyone can think of one thing regarding a relationship you’d like to explore. Remember there are many types of relationships. It doesn’t have to be with another person. It could be your relationship with your art or your music or your work. They are all relationships.

Great relationships come down to one question you must always ask yourself, “Am I available to guidance?”

I know that personally I have a very fiery feisty side. If I’m enjoying the drama of my experience and someone wants to offer me guidance whether it’s from my guides or my friends, I am not going to available to guidance at that moment.

Once you bring forward what relationship you want to explore, the next question to ask is, “am I available to learn something new?” This is the whole point in receiving guidance. To learn something new, to be shown something new and to be brought something new.

Are you available? You need to be centered in the present moment. Close your eyes, breathe and then ask, “how available am I?” Then, ask yourself; “Is that true? Am I really available?”

We are often afraid to be available to guidance because we are afraid of what we will hear. Our ego takes over and scares us that what we will hear will be overwhelming challenging and possibly disappointing. This is because we have a fear that guidance is some external authority instead of loving support.

The Universe wants every yearning we have, to be fulfilled; every desire or it would have been given to us. Your first relationship is to guidance.  Are you available to loving support that would show you how to progress? Acknowledge when you feel like you are available to guidance and then tune into it with curiosity and receptivity.

Just imagine how nice and comforting it would be to just have this guidance at any time, instead of banging your head against the wall as so many of us do.

Be open to a different ways forward. Allow your guides to show you a different approach or a different perspective. This is when you create extraordinary relationships.



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