Overcoming Emotional Blocks

overcoming-emotional-blocksIn last week’s Blog I wrote about some of the common blocks people and have that prevent them from listening to their inner wisdom today I want to talk about emotional blocks. These are the blocks that I run into the most with people trying to live a six sensory life because they are often put in emotionally compromising situations.

We are ego based sensitive human beings. We don’t like to feel foolish; we don’t like to be embarrassed; we don’t like to be out of control; we don’t like to look different from everyone else. Rather we like to appear confident and in control.

In living a six sensory life you may be asked to do some things different from the general societal consciousness. Your intuition may give you guidance that may separate you from everyone else. When this happens, the questions that often come up for you are, “what if I am wrong or what if I look stupid or what if I make a mistake or what if I embarrass myself?” This is the block most people struggle with.

The way to get around the emotional block is to know the language of spirit is laughter and for the ego it is serious, no fun and no laughter. You have to go around the ego and set up playful games. Leading a six sensory life is fun and playful so you need to set up opportunities to play that are not threatening, discoveries that are not tests.  You need to have explorations, adventures discoveries and live in a state of wonder.

The mistake most people make in trying to develop their intuition is they set up tests. The minute you set up a test you immediately involve your ego. The ego does not like to play and be out of control. You have to start with simple little games that allow your spirit to speak. For example, asking questions such as, “I wonder who is on the phone, what is the best way to go to work, I wonder what elevator will come first.” Little opportunities that are playful, non-threatening and really make no difference in your life one way or another.

The key to getting around emotional blocks is in the attitude you have in developing your intuitive awareness. When you have a hunch or a gut feeling that proves to be valid you need to celebrate and give yourself a lot of credit. Don’t be stingy. Blow the whistles and ring the bells. Say “Yes, I was right.” If you are wrong don’t go away in shame hang your head and say “I blew it.” Instead say, “Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.”

The important thing when you are starting out is to just get familiar with the energy of your spirit. Allow your spirit to participate in your life. Some days your awareness will be more tuned in than others but what will happen is eventually you will notice a difference.  When you are tuning into true intuition you will physically feel a difference. There will be a different quality to the energy and you will feel it in the center of your heart. True intuition will leave you feeling satisfied.

As you begin to explore and get around emotional blocks have a sense of humor. You don’t need to be right. Don’t invite people into your life if they are not going to be supportive. Most people who start on the path of six sensory living want to immediately run to the one person they know is going to be skeptical and doubting. They seem to feel that if they convince a non-believer it will validate their own experience. Don’t do it. It won’t work.

Instead, set up playful opportunities to experience what it feels like to actually allow yourself to explore intuitively. Emotional blocks can easily be overcome by being playful and having humor.

Another effective way to overcome emotional blocks is to find other people who are willing to explore with you. People who are willing to listen to your intuitive feelings without judgment or censoring and instead are extremely interested; when you can surround yourself with other people who will want to be intuitive with you then you will not feel so isolated. It will become delightful and fun.

If you have an intuitive experience share it with them “these are my vibes, what are your vibes?” Find people who will share vibes with you without being serious or feeling like it is a test. If you don’t have anyone then just test the waters and ask people you are comfortable with what their vibes are?

We all want to have fun it is just a matter of creating the opportunities. The emotional block is most easily overcome with an attitude of wonder, exploration and humor. It is not a test. These are the blocks from the past.

If you have a religious block then perhaps you have to revisit your spiritual beliefs.  If you have an intellectual block then perhaps it is time to read some books about how science has progressed. It is now recognized we are six sensory beings and if you have an emotional block lighten up. Life is supposed to be fun.

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