Overcoming Your Intuitive Blocks

overcoming-intuitive-blocksWhat is keeping you from listening to your inner voice and living a six sensory life? It is your intuitive blocks. They can blocks from your past and blocks from your present.

What has prevented you from hearing your inner voice? Maybe you have what I call a religious training block. Many of us have been taught that listening to our intuition is bad. People who follow their intuition are not spiritual and even consorting with the devil.

Religious teachings are for the most part good. They are just trying to protect you because if we don’t understand something we become vulnerable to being manipulated and this is what has happened with all the poorly trained and unconscious intuitive readers practicing today.  They have the neon lights and make psychic predictions but these people are not accurate nor are they helping anyone, they are just showing off for money.

Religious beliefs operate with the purpose of keeping naive people out of trouble and protecting them from what might be manipulative or unethical psychic interactions. People will often give up control of their lives to others. For example they will go for a psychic reading and they will get sucked into what the reader tells them to do.

Remember the first of the Ten Commandments “You shall have no other Gods.” Never put anyone up on a pedestal and conclude they will show you the way. A true teacher will set the student free. Take only what feels right to you. For example, when you read book or attend a workshop, synthesize the information and take only the parts that work for you.

If you have a religious training block you need to become familiar with your inner voice. You do not have to go to anyone else to lead your life quite the opposite you need to learn to turn inward and realize you have a direct connection to divine guidance that is always available to you.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience but we have forgotten that and as we have forgotten we have lost touch with our spiritual direction, our inner guidance. As we begin to remember who we really are, spiritual beings, part of a divine plan this natural awareness will return to us by the degree of our own awareness of paying attention to who we really are.

We do not develop our sixth sense to control others nor do we surrender our own awareness to other people to control us. Six sensory awareness is not only one of our natural senses it is our most important one.

As we move farther away from the Piscean Age where we had to conform to and follow the church hierarchy and into the Aquarian Age we are realizing that we don’t need a religious leader in between us and God, we can have our own personal relationship with spirit.

We also have an intellectual block where we say, “I don’t believe it; show it to me first.” Intuitive energy is subtle. It won’t knock you off of your feet. You have to raise you consciousness to perceive the subtle connections.

For example if you go to a concert and you have no musical training you will only hear the music but if you are a musician you would be able perceive every nuance of instrument as clearly as you would be able to perceive someone’s voice.

Science has proven that we are spiritual beings the University of California at Berkley has done wonderful sound and color therapy where they have been able to measure people’s auras. They have also found that tone changes the DNA on a molecule. Science is catching up with what spiritual teachers have always known. There is a convergence happening.

If you have an intellectual block look at science because the question is no longer, “Is it real but rather how does it work?” The best intuition is founded on a basis of knowledge because you will be most intuitive in those areas that you have the most knowledge.

Don’t become comfortable with second hand opinions. Most people who use only their intellect are still basing their knowledge on beliefs that have been passed down from previous generations. They don’t really disbelieve they’ve just inherited it. They focus strictly on the physical plan and forget to acknowledge that there are many other planes of consciousness operating simultaneously.

Intellectuals forget to trust their own experiences and put more emphasis on what they hear or what other people say.

We are in a transformational time and every part of our understanding of the nature of things is constantly growing, improving and expanding. Intuition in scientific circles is no longer debated is it universally understood that we have more awareness than we have historically recognized or allowed.

If you want to overcome your intuitive blocks, the question you should be asking is “How can I best make it work for me?”

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