The Power Of Forgiveness

the-power -of -forgivenessThere is a chance that all your life you’ve been searching for the answer. There is good chance that you’ve searched for it in many places; books, people, jobs and other situations that after a while maybe lost their luster and you couldn’t figure out a way.

Maybe on life’s journey you’re looking for a resting place. A place where you can finally find the peace you’ve been searching for. The peace that maybe has eluded you has always been attainable but it comes from inside you not from the outside world. The answer to your peace and happiness lies in forgiveness.

When you first hear the word forgiveness you may feel that it doesn’t have a place in your life but odds are that if you’re not completely fulfilled in life or you just can’t seem to get out of life what you want, the need for forgiveness is somewhere on you path. It is a special gift you give to yourself and you can never do too much of it.

The principle of forgiveness can open up your world to unlimited opportunities. Forgiveness is the foundation principle for a successful and fulfilling life. Forgiveness means letting go of all the wreckage of the past, all the old baggage, the hurt, the bitterness, the resentment, the anger, even the hatred. We can quickly change our life and open up to a wonderful new world of possibilities if you let go of all the negativity and old baggage that in inside of you.

There are enormous benefits that will happen when you clear out the wreckage of the past; you will increase your self-esteem; you will feel happier than you ever have before; you will be more joyous on a consistent basis; you’ll feel more peaceful; you’ll focus more clearly; and you’ll have unlimited power to create the life of your dreams.

Being resentful, bitter and casting blame keeps you stuck right where you are. If you are going to have a happy and peaceful life you have to be at peace. If you are going to have loving relationships you have to love yourself unconditionally. If this is covered up with blame and bitterness you are not a very powerful person.

If you don’t let it go, the pain of bitterness and blame escalates inside you year after year and unfinished business leads to an unfinished present. If you have unfinished business such as anger, bitterness and hatred toward anyone in the past you will be incomplete in the present. Even if you think it’s gone and you no longer think about it, it’s still there in your subconscious and in every cell of your body and the pain will continue to escalate over time.

You pay an awesome price for your anger, bitterness and hatred. It will break down your body over time. It will make you sick and ruin the quality of your life. According to a study by the Harvard Medical School nearly 90% of all illness comes from unresolved resentment, anger and bitterness. It’s too expensive not to be at peace. Anger and resentment only hurts you and at a very deep level.

Wouldn’t you like your life to open up to a whole new dimension of possibilities? It really can, but just giving lip service to forgiveness or simply burying your feelings will not change your life. It may make you feel good, it may inspire you a little but it will not change your life. The thing that will change your life is you taking action and putting forgiveness into practice in your life.

It’s not easy and it requires enormous courage because sometimes our egos have built a strong case against people that is so strong we don’t want to let it go. When we take the action to let go of the blocks, the pain and misery of the past we open up to really living in the present.

Here’s an exercise that I have done for many years and still do that has helped me and that I have many of clients do which has helped them let go of their blocks from the past.

Make a list of every person you have ever had a grudge against; anyone you have ever resented, blamed or hated. List everyone even if you feel you have a good reason to feel that way or you feel you have forgotten and moved past it. Then, write a specific sentence forgiving that person for their specific behavior.

For example you may write “I forgive you Dad for not being supportive of me” or I forgive you Mom for drinking too much” or I forgive you Bob for firing me” or “I forgive you Mary for hurting me in our relationship” Continue to write and rewrite your forgiveness statements daily or at least several times a week until you lighten up about the person, you feel peaceful and the feelings leave your consciousness.

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