The Process Of Learning

process-of-learningWe are taught in western society that learning is in the mind but in true learning is multidimensional. Learning is in the mind, body, breath and the soul. When are learning at each level and all of these parts are in balance that is when we are in alignment.

Too often people are looking for the one thing that will give them enlightenment, bring them happiness or peace but there is too many things that make up enlightenment. It’s not just one thing. Often when people think that they have found enlightenment or happiness it’s very fleeting because the journey is endless.

In reality enlightenment is a process and finding it is a learning process that is endless. For example, look at nature, is there any evidence that creation ends? Therefore there is no evidence that the learning process ever ends. It is like our soul and spirit which are endless.

The key is learning to love the process of learning and not trying to achieve a goal like we often do in the physical world where we set a goal and once we’ve achieved it we are finished. Learning is endless and infinite.

When you learn to enjoy the learning process all the ups and downs you encounter in life seem very minor because you are in the flow and the process of learning is larger than anything you encounter in the physical world. The more we learn to enjoy the process of learning the more alive we become.

When people think they have all the answers and have stopped learning they become brittle and fixed. In essence they have died. On the other hand those people who are open and in the learning process are alive and in the inquiry of life. They are in the question of life and living in state of flow.

Living in the question of life means living in the quest which is where our passion comes from. A quest is always led by a question not by an answer because we have deep questions we want answered. This is often difficult because our ego mind wants to have the answers so most of the time we are not honest with ourselves about the questions we are in.

What is the real question you are living in right now? “Should I stay in my marriage? Is this really what love is? If I lose my job how will I support my family? How do I best raise and teach my children?” Our questions are endless and that is where our passion lies. Living in a question brings us into the mystery of life. Where our fulfillment is, what keeps us most alive.

What are some of the questions or quests you are on right now in your life? Be honest with yourself and think deeply about some the situations that are happening in your life right now and what confusion or unfinished quest is inside of you. Notice, when you are able to name it you will find more energy, passion and interest in your quest. When you name it you honor and claim it.

Most people in western society have a learning deficit. We simply haven’t learned how to learn properly. For example, in school we are taught lessons from a specific course curriculum by a teacher and then tested to see what we have learned and our answers are either right or wrong. There is no quest.

In a true quest you have no idea what the answer is. You simply head out into the unknown. Our learning process in western society has not supported the true science of learning how to learn, how to be happy and fulfilled in a question. We put too much emphasis on the knowing which comes from our ego mind.

Learning how to learn and learning to love the process of learning puts us in union with our higher self. Union is not a goal rather it’s a process that is continual, ever unfolding, constantly changing and never ending.

You have to learn to be patient, because if you are impatient in waiting to find the one answer that will bring you success, happiness or enlightenment it will be a deterrent on the your path. It is only when you let go of your goal and understand that learning is a never ending process will you achieve true happiness and enlightenment.

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