Protecting Yourself From Negative Energy

Negative- Energy -AttacksNegative energy can be very aggressive, especially when it is used to attack another person. Energy attacks happen when another person directs negativity your way. Perhaps another person is competitive with you or they have an argument with you. They might be scapegoating you or maybe they just want to see you out of the way so they can advance.  Unfortunately this happens too frequently in our society.

You can tell if you have been the victim of a negative energy attack if you go into a sense of profound self doubt. You lose your confidence and feel very insecure, inadequate, and even afraid.

If you have been the victim of a negative energy attack the first thing you need to do is meditate go back to source and remember who you are. Take a look at the people in your life and see if there is anyone you are having a battle with that you really need to forgive and accept.

If you are the victim of a negative energy attack you can put a protective shield around your aura. You do this by visualizing your auric field as a reflective mirror glowing in white light that reflects back to source whatever energy comes towards you. Prayer is also very effective by simply asking your higher self to clear away all negativity.

Negative energy attacks will often catch us by surprise. They often happen but they have no real power. The minute you feel a negative energy attack and go into self-doubt, simply put your hand on your stomach, breathe deeply and focus on remembering who you really are, a spiritual being with absolutely nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. Just stay focused on your own spiritual path. Travel lightly, forgive, bless and pray. If you do these things the aura will restore itself to balance and you will feel once again in harmony.

It’s important to be conscious that negative energy does exist and can influence you it’s important to remember that negative energy is not the only energy in the Universe. We need to pay equal attention to positive energy and notice those sources that make us feel good, positive, confident and harmonious with who we really are.

We have a natural tendency to be as unconscious about the good things as we have to be overly focused on the negative.

If you are in a difficult condition or find yourself feeling down, uninspired or out of energy try this exercise; make a list of every activity you can think of that makes you feel happy and joyful. Think of the people who make you feel happy and joyful. Think of the places you like to go that make you feel happy and joyful. Doing this exercise will clear your aura and bring positive energy in.

You can also send positive energy to others. You can cleanse their auric field and empower them from a distance by focusing on the fact that you love them and want them to be well and joyful.

It’s an illusion that we are separate one from another. We have physical bodies to travel in but we are made of consciousness and that consciousness travels with thought so we can influence those we love with thoughts of love, healing and inspiration.

If you are around people who frustrate you, who you cannot connect to but you have to work with or interact with try sending them thoughts of joy and laughter. Share what makes you happy with them.

There are many ways to energetically turn a situation around if you simply remember who you are, a spiritual being divinely guided by source.

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