Reaping The Benefits Of A Spirit Guided Life

reaping-the-benefits-of-a-spirit-guided-lifeSpirit guides are incredible rich resources to grow your soul. To help your soul find its way back to your core divinity that is your spirit. The soul is the conscious part of you. It is the history of you and your experiences throughout the totality of your human journey. Whereas your spirit is the divine source of all life

Your spirit guides come in to assist that process. They are divine resources to assist, strengthen, support and inspire you. Realize your spirit guides are not your servants they will not do everything for you. They will not make all your dreams come true. Guides will assist you to facilitate connections but ultimately you are here to have the joy, the experience and the fun of learning for yourself.

Your spirit guides are actually coaches. For example, a sports coach will give the guidance, the instructions and the motivation but the coach does not get on the field and play the game for you. This is important to know because as you enter the spirit guided world you need to have some grounded expectations otherwise you will sabotage yourself before you even begin.

Your spirit guides are here to help you have the best possible human experience.  Your guides are there to support you so that you live at the highest vibration. They are there to help you better understand and deal with life’s ups and downs so you can grow your soul. Your guides help you to understand that even life’s valleys have merits. Even the dark moments are necessary to burn away karma and grow into a more complete light.

Spirit guides help you to be informed and give you information that will take away some of your blind spots. They bring to you “ah ha” moments and circumstance that can help you shift beyond the blinders of your own paradigms.

The experiences we have are an outgrowth of our own inner temple of ideas. Like a hologram we hold these ideas and then they get mirrored back to us. If we don’t have the context to recognize guidance, we won’t get it. When you begin to work in this new context then every moment is a guided moment. You explode into this new paradigm where you are not alone. You are surrounded; supported and enriched. It is truly amazing.

In order to work with guides we have to change our internal hologram so we can allow ourselves to literally be rained upon with guidance. So we have to erase the blocks in our mind that inhibit contact with our guides. We only limit ourselves by our own belief system. If you have a rigid belief system of what is possible. Of how guidance should work along with a strong inner critic then, you need to be able to turn your belief system around to say, “What I know is not all there is to know.” To look at something and say “I am will to give this some value.”

Here are three tools to help you lead a spirit guided life.

1.    You have to truly want the relationship. Recognize that working with guides involves developing a relationship just as you would with another person on the physical plane.
2.    Manage your inner critic. You were not born with an inner critic.  This is a voice you have assimilated in your life from people you felt you needed approval from. It will be your biggest obstacle in connecting with spirit.
3.    Recognize all guided work originates in the imagination. It is the platform for all genius and inspiration to come through. Remember, all guidance is vibration.

To develop relationships and have good communication with your spirit guides you must commit to daily practice and stay the course. It takes time relationships don’t develop overnight. It’s like mining for gold or searching for treasure. There will be set backs in the beginnings but if you stay the course you will reap the wonderful benefits of a spirit guided life.

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