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Six-Sensory-LivingThere are many misconceptions and ideas about six sensory living and what it means to be intuitive. Many are very superstitious and even fearful because our culture has long been disassociated how subtle energies work. They don’t understand that everything in the Universe is pure vibration. It is energy in motion.

Six sensory living means that you are consciously aware of energy and vibration traveling through space; you feel people’s thoughts and see their spirit. You sense events that are in the process of becoming. You will be able to feel when things are out of balance before your other senses will indicate it. You will be able to sense when there is trouble and have impulses that will direct and tell you when to move forward to take advantage of openings, opportunities, and positive experiences.

Six sensory experiences are natural. We all have a sixth sense that is available to us at all times. The more you begin to pay attention the more you will notice that this subtle but ever present guiding voice is there at all times waiting and wanting to participate in moving your life to the best possible outcome.

I have been an intuitive and spiritual teacher for over 25 years and I have never met anyone who has not had an intuitive experience in their life.  The problem is people don’t realize that the experiences they are having are intuitive. What I notice most people doing is ignoring their intuitive experiences as though they are just annoying thoughts. They pick up these subtle messages, bright ideas, gut feelings that give them very specific guidance and information, and they don’t know what to do with it because they haven’t been told their sixth sense is natural.

Using their intuition often makes people feel self-conscious. For example they’ll get a feeling that they’re going to run into a certain person today but don’t know how to explain it. Or they’ll have a feeling that they shouldn’t go certain way to work but have no reason for feeling this. We throw away our intuitive experiences because we are not in the habit of recognizing them for what they are.

We don’t have five senses. We have six and the sixth sense is the first. No matter what you see or hear or what people say there is another authority that will verify your information and that other authority is your sixth sense.

In order to develop your sixth sense it’s very important that you understand some basic principles because there is so much confusion and misunderstanding which distances you from this natural resource. You have to understand that developing and using intuition is your birthright and the intuitive messages that you receive come from your spirit. The purpose of these messages are to direct you to your own divine nature and to your highest creative expression.

Using your intuition not only benefits you but everyone around you. Intuition brings light, balance and healing to you. Messages from your spirit will bring you into a greater state of harmony.

Intuition speaks to you through the heart space. The Universe loves you and the more you feel the love and guidance of the Universe the more you can become a guiding light for others. Intuition is subtle, non-coercive, will never interfere with your free will. It will never move you to do anything that is threatening to your own well being or to the well being of anyone around you.

Intuitive messages will not flatter your ego by leading you to believe that you are better than anyone else rather they will reveal the truth that we are all spiritual beings and we all have a place, plan and path that is designed to coexist in peace.

Six sensory living is fun, joyful, magical, and enlightening. It makes your experiences positive, synchronistic and lights your path. You are conscious and fully aware of who you are and what you’ve come here to do. You will be aware of every opportunity, every open door that allows you to express your creativity and touch the hearts of those around you along the way.

If you will give yourself permission to awaken your own consciousness by spending a few minutes every day in awakening your sixth sense you will you will discover what you have been looking for all of your life, the center of your own heart, the magnificence of who you are and your proper place in the Universe

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