Why Your Sixth Sense Is Your Real Power In Relationships

Why Your Sixth Sense Is Your Real Power In Relationships You sixth sense is your real power in creating soul to soul relationships. The number one reason people come to me is because they need help with their relationships. One of the main reasons people suffer from depression and go therapy is because their relationships aren’t working.

If we are in a soul clash over one or more of our relationships, I like to use the analogy that we are in summer school because we are not doing very well learning our lessons. We are out of our true power.

I’ve learned a lot about relationship over my years personally and as a student in the world. My clients and students have taught me a lot as have my spirit guides. All my experiences and teachers have taught me how to pass along to others how to have more harmonious relationships that are positive and uplifting experiences.  This is the root of our happiness.

Right now, the universe is asking us to move away from the role to role relationships that most of us are in, which I liken to being in bump cars. They are a struggle, unfulfilling and misery-making. We are being asked to create soul to soul relationships.

A soul to soul relationship is one where we begin to witness each. One where we connect with each other and engage with each other in ways that can uplift us. A relationship that supports who we really are authentically. The only way to do this is by using your intuition.

You cannot have an authentic relationship with anyone unless you are in connection with your own spirit. Your intuition works the same for any relationship you have. When you see another person from your soul to their soul, you are witnessing from your spirit to theirs and this is when the relationship works best.

Your intuition is the voice of your authentic self. It is you in the most pure, genuine, unfiltered, and undefended part of you. How connected are you to your intuition? Do you check in with your inner self? How big of an influence is intuition in your life? Do you listen? Do you notice? Can you tell how your intuition gets in touch with you?

It’s not a one size fits all experience. For example, I experience my intuition very strongly in my heart. I have a very significant inner voice. I get visuals, images, and pictures Sometimes it seems like I am downloading a movie, but that is mine that is not necessarily how your intuition is going to come across to you.

Maybe your intuition is in your belly and you get a gut feeling that your intellect can’t comprehend. You might get a general awareness that isn’t specific to any one place in your body. Intuition is an energy that subtly uses your other senses to get your attention.

You must become aware of that subtle energy by becoming more perceptive than your attention normally allows. For example, you may be getting a feeling or an idea or a hunch or an ah ha or some other signal from your intuition. If you’re not used to paying attention to it, you’ll miss it and It will fly right past you without ever noticing it.

This is the energy of your spirit. It emanates through to your body and communicates to you. It will often start in the heart and communicate through your gut, or through your throat, or the ears; maybe in your forehead. Where doesn’t matter. The point is just start noticing your spirit expanding and trying to communicate to your thinking brain.

The sixth sense is your first intelligence. It is your true power. Your sixth sense informs and tells you the truth, letting you know if something is right or wrong, good or bad. Your sixth sense alerts you energetically but, understand that it’s not going to send you a telegram or deliver it like a pizza. You need to look for things more subtle.

It’s important that you take the time to make that connection daily. Your ego will fight you and try to stop you from doing this Your sixth sense allows you to connect with your real power. It’s not an obligation but rather an empowerment.

An exercise I do every morning is I go to my alter and allow myself an uninterrupted moment to breathe in and out and connect with my spirit and listen to my heart. I ask my higher self to lead. I’ll say, “You take over; and be in charge. Higher self you be my first intelligence and be my great decider today.” This sets up a dialogue so I’m having a relationship with my own spirit. Then I ask my spirit to direct me to what I’m not listening to; to what I’m not noticing, to what I need to know, then, I just sit breathe and listen.

You’re not going to hear some talking voice, rather it will be silent. You are opening an avenue that reinforces that today you will be listening to your heart, to your higher self, to what is true for you.

How do you know if your intuition is right, especially when it comes to relationships with all the waves of emotions?

First remove the words right and wrong from your vocabulary. Know that your intuition directs you to what is true for you in the present moment. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about living true; living in what is authentic. This is why your intuition is the voice of what is true.

Your intuition leads you to integrity; to be whole and not have different pieces of you broken off in a fragmented self which causes so much pain and frustration. It takes you back to what is authentic, real and true; listening to your heart.

If you are not connected to your heart, you are out of your true power. You will be very misguided and frustrated in how to connect with others. Real relationships begin with you having a strong relationship and connection to your higher self and this is your most important relationship.

If you put the time, energy and intention into reconnecting to your heart, into what is true for you then it will begin to open you up, You’ll be able to have a soul to soul connection with others that will allow you to see past any confusion in your present relationships and begin attracting the ones you want.

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