Slow Down Your Pace

slow-down-your-paceIf you want to be intuitive you first have to take a look at the pace you keep. Are you racing from morning till night? Can you remember who you were with this morning and what was said? Can you even remember the type of clothes people around you wore? When you are traveling through life at lightning speed your awareness is diminished.

For example, imagine two people taking the same journey, one is speeding along at 100mph completely focused on the future and where he or she is going and the other is traveling at a more leisurely, steady pace being able to look around and notice. Which of those two travelers will have more of an experience of the journey?

Our society has given us the illusion that there is some future to get to, that there is some place tomorrow that is better to get to than where we are at today. We are so unconscious most of the time feeling we have to race in order to get to that better place next month or next year. This diminishes the power of the moment and we lose our creative opportunities where our spirit can guide us to enhance the experiences that we have, to bring us the fulfillment we desire.

If you want to have an intuitive experience you have to stop long enough to slow down and be aware of the experience in the moment. You have to learn to live at a proper pace. This why breathing is so important because when you learn to breathe more evenly and slowly you stretch time. You bring your attention back to the moment and raise your awareness. Slow down and reconnect with life.

Keep things simple. We are constantly bombarded with having to make decisions in every area of our life. We don’t always have to make a yes or no decision in the moment. Don’t be afraid to say, “I’ll get back to you.”

Look at your decisions, are you saying “yes” when you really mean “no.” Are you trying to please and operating out of fear that you’ll disappoint someone? Stop adding to your stress and over committing.  Don’t be afraid to say, “no.”

When you show up to support yourself, the Universe will show up to support you but you have to take the first step because God gave you free will.  When you choose to take your authority back you’ll feel safe in your body and know you’re in charge. Taking your authority doesn’t have to be confrontational. Never make someone else the enemy. “It’s not personal, I can’t be present for you unless I give myself what I need first.”

You eliminate blocks to intuition by taking an honest and objective look at your decisions. Take a step everyday towards integrity, not perfection, but just being you. Take the time to honestly and lovingly look at yourself and see where you can be creative in your choices. Start with small choices not big ones that have major consequences.

Look at your life, is it a mess? Are you committing yourself to do too much, do you have too much on your plate? When you take the time to slow down and simplify your life you will be on your way to living a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life.

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