The Spiritual Enrichment Of Generosity

spiritual-enrichment-of-generosityGenerosity is taking all the good in your life and be willing to share it. When you have an attitude of generosity it liberates you from the concept of scarcity and the more you generously give to others the more liberated you will become.

People who have reached a higher level of consciousness tithe, which means they always give a portion of them income away each month to people in need. In some cases they give as much as 10% of their gross income whether they are financially able to or not.

People will often go through their closets and give away the clothes that they haven’t worn in the past year or don’t like but a more a more powerful and spiritual enriching thing to do is to take the clothes you like, that you wear all the time and wouldn’t want to part with and give 10% of those clothes away.

When you do things like this you will begin to get into the flow of life and see your desires and intentions manifest faster. When you give something of yourself away that you seem to be attached to it clears out the blockages and frees you up to connect with your spirit.

When you become generous you know that there are a no limits to the Divine Intelligence that is always moving and flowing. Generosity takes you away from the idea or belief that there is scarcity out there. You realize that the universe is abundant.

True generosity must come from a place of unconditional love because for giving to be truly effective there must be loving energy behind it. Never give with negativity. For example, if you give to the homeless but inside you’re thinking, “Why doesn’t he or she get a job?” You are sending the wrong message to the universe. It would be better if don’t give at all and just send a blessing to the person to find a better or higher way.

The same is true for example when there is a fund raiser at your place of business for a certain cause or at Holiday times if you give just because everyone else does the feeling that you are sending is artificial. I’m not saying in these instances that you shouldn’t give rather I’m just saying it will have a much more powerful effect if you give from the heart space.

Generosity and giving should represent one act of kindness from one human being to another, undetached from the outcome. An act of caring. Not caring about what the person does with the gift or how it will be used or whether it’s going to be used the way you think it should be used. When you do this you’re giving from the ego and cutting your spirit completely off. When you give from the heart space it keeps the divine love flowing through you and the universe.

The same is true when you give of your time to others in need. Many people will volunteer their time because others do it or there is a specific fund raising cause being done by their work or neighborhood or school. In order for your giving of service to be truly effective you have to come from a consciousness of “how may I serve?”

I have practiced this in my own life for many years and it has helped me in so many ways. When I give, I don’t care how it will be used. I give for the purpose of being generous; opening of my heart chakra to another person. When I volunteer my time to help people in need I repeat over and over again, “how may I serve?’ Doing this ensures my ego is completely out of it.

Once you learn to do this you will find that you are completely detached from how it works out. When you reach a higher level of consciousness in generosity wanting things to work out a certain way will no longer matter to you. You will no longer be in your ego, rather you will just be aware of the abundance of the universe to take care of things in divine order. You will move into synchronicity with the universe and scarcity will move away.

Remember, it only takes one act of heart-felt kindness to be a catalyst to change another person’s life.

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