Stop Blaming and Start Living

stop-blaming-start-livingThe Law of Attraction says you are a “living magnet” and that you inevitably attract the people and circumstances into your life that harmonize with your dominant thoughts, especially those thoughts that you emotionalize strongly. Everything you attract into your life is there for a good reason.

One of the biggest obstacles to seeing the reason why we attract things into our life is blame. Regardless of whether you blame yourself, others or forces outside of your control for things that happen to you blame always implies a negative judgment on any situation.

Blame is oriented towards the past. When we blame we are looking for the cause of the present event but it is actually rooted in the past therefore we are looking in the wrong direction because the meaning of what is happening to you now is coming toward you from the future. Remember, we are living backwards in time.

As long as you are blaming, you have turned your back on the source of your life’s meaning and that’s why you cannot see it. When you reflect on past situations of adversity you are often able to see meaning that have escaped you at the time. In retrospect you will be to see that the most difficult periods of your life are the ones that have contained the most valuable lessons.

When you make a practice of not blaming, the lessons from adversity in the present will become clear much faster. In the past you waited for future events to happen before you could see the reasons for them. You will discover a faster way of knowing because you will learn to use your intuition. Adversity is there to help you learn and grow which is why when you stop blaming and take responsibility you will become a wiser, kinder and braver person.

Your spirit lives in an infinite now therefore it already knows the future result. When you connect with your spirit the wisdom, kindness and bravery that you possess in the future will come flowing back to you in the present. In essence the better self you will be in the future will actually travel back in time to be with you in the present. What you will be, you are already because the end is in the beginning the meaning already exists in the present moment.

When you live fully in the present moment your attitude is “it just is.” You align with your spirit. This is how your spirit lives, with full and impartial attention in the “now” of cosmic time. When you align with your spirit you get a glimpse of what your spirit has known all along.

This doesn’t mean that you can see future events rather it means you will be able to see the meaning of both present and future events when they happen. No matter what happens next your experience in the present moment will have meaning. You no longer need a favorable outcome in the future to provide the meaning. You’ll discover your experience in the present is good, even if it seems painful right now. You will trust your experiences because you will learn to trust yourself.

While you will be able see the benevolent meaning in your own adversity you will not and should not try to see the meaning of anyone else’s adversity unless you are an experienced intuitive. The reason for another person’s pain is between them and their spirit.

Watching another person’s suffering can sometimes be more distressing than suffering yourself, you may witness or read about pain happening to others that would be unimaginable to you but if you think back on some of the worst things that have happened to you in the past no matter how unbearable you thought it would be you were able to handle it. God never gives us more than we can handle.

Adversity is an intimate matter between you and your spirit that you can never explain to anyone else. Similarly the suffering of others is a mystery that you will never fully understand nor society will be able to stop. The Divine workings of creation are benevolent and can only be seen by looking inward. You won’t always be able to see it in the lives of other people yet once you stop blaming you will always be able to see it in your own life and then you will be able to start living.

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