Strengthen Your Relationships With Fun And Creativity

strengthen your relationships with fun and creativityOne of the most important things you can do to strengthen a relationship is to bring fun and creativity into it. You do this with small acts of love. Not large creations like Picasso or a Michelangelo. When you try to get too creative you set yourself up for failure by thinking you’ve got to create something big.

Little creations of beauty will help you get used to love.  Once you incorporate these creative acts of beauty into your life every day, you can then extend them to others. For example, you give your partner flowers, create a dinner beautiful table setting for the family to enjoy. You could make a beautiful bed with fluffed pillows.

By extending your creativity a little further it allows your intuition to guide you and say, “you know, you’re creating drama here and you need to turn this around with some loving creativity.”

A lot of times we create drama and shy away from creativity because we are afraid there is nothing underneath our personality. We are afraid there is nothing more, but it is these little acts of creation, these little choices to go into beauty that remind you that there is so much more. There is this beautiful loving, divine, spirit that is available to us at all times.

Your intention should be to lower the drama and raise the frequency of creativity, beauty and harmony. It will take some time, but you will know when you are in that higher frequency. You’ll know that you don’t have to be afraid of love; Your personality doesn’t have to be afraid of love. You will remember and remind yourself that love is your true home by engaging in creative acts.

Remember, you are moving on to a higher energy frequency. Away from role to role where the drama and pain are connected and into soul to soul here your spirit is. It is in this frequency where you will have authentic rewarding relationship experiences.

One of the biggest reasons we want to be in relationships but one that most of us forget is that loving relationships are essential to our spirit.  We need to experience one of the most important facets of relationships. Having fun.

If you look at your relationships in the past or the present, what got you into any relationship? What drew you in?  It was having fun together. There was something you did together that was fun for you.

What happens in most relationships is that once we get past the romantic phase, we start to get into deeper territory. We encounter struggles and when that happens then the fun seems to be the first things to go out the door. We are taught that relationships are a responsibility, so we need to fall into our roles.

This is a killer for any relationship and it’s a killer to your spirit, to your authentic self, and your sixth sense. When you fall into your roles it kills your creativity and you forfeit all fun.

Fun is as important to living  as is food and water, it’s right at the top. Ask yourself as you’re reading this “How fun am I?”

When you lose your fun, your humor then you are going to be unappealing to others. If you’ve lost your connection to fun you’re no longer connected with your spirit. What is fun for you? If you want to have happy and fulfilling relationships, you must start showing up to that.

Having fun will bring back your connection to spirit.  It will help you return to your soul’s purpose which is another benefit of having fun. What do you love? Do that first. That is the way to show up in a relationship.

If you don’t do what you love, then you’re not connected to what your spirit loves. If you just live your life physically, trying to look good, be responsible, and showing up to all the outside things in your personal and business life then that is all people will relate to. They will miss your authentic self and not connect with who you really are. People will find you are no longer fun to be around and ultimately you may end up all by yourself.

Look for what is fun for you and start showing up to it. Some of my greatest success stories in counseling clients is advising people to “go where you love and that’s where your love will be”

For example, I had a client who hadn’t been in a romantic relationship for 12 years find his new love at a Yoga class. He loved yoga and so did she. They are very happy together, but it starts there. Go where you love.

It’s important to ask the question, “What do I like to do for fun” but the more important question to ask is, “how fun am I?”

Are you Eeyore in the Winnie the Pooh series, who is always pessimistic, gloomy and depressed? That’s not your spirit. No one will relate to that for any length of time. Being a downer or a drag is not going to allow anyone to connect to your heart.

This is very important to understand. Do what you love and be fun but also have fun no matter what it is you do.  You have the power to make anything more fun!

When I grew up, we had to clean the house a lot for whatever reason if the things were dirty or not. We would sing “whistle while you work” from Snow White. We didn’t enjoy cleaning, but we did make it fun.

There is no reason you can’t make what you are doing fun. You just need to have the attitude of fun. Of being someone that another person would love to be with.


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