superconsciousnessYou have available to you, right now, a power like a supercomputer that can enable you to solve any problem, overcome any obstacle and achieve any intention you set for yourself.

This power has been used throughout history to take people from rags to riches, from poverty and obscurity to success and fame, from unhappiness and frustrations to joy and self-fulfillment and it can do the same for you.

Throughout history, this power has been called many things by many people in many places. It is the fundamental principle of most religions, philosophies and metaphysical teachings. It underlies much of psychology and is the cornerstone of all success and achievement. In its simplest terms, it is called the “subconscious mind,” although there is a misunderstanding because the true subconscious mind is merely a memory bank of senses and impressions that react automatically based on your previous experiences. It is reactive rather proactive.

The great Austrian psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, referred to this as the “superconscious mind.” He felt that the collective wisdom and knowledge of all the ages was contained in the superconscious mind and was available to anyone.

Essayist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to it as the “oversoul” and wrote that, “We live in the lap of an immense intelligence that, when we are in its presence, we realize that it is far beyond our human mind.”

Your superconscious mind has access to data, information and ideas outside your own experience. Your superconscious mind actually lies outside your human mind. This is why it is called a form of universal or infinite intelligence.

You will often get idea that comes to you from far beyond you. It is not unusual for two people separated by thousands of miles of distance to come up with the same idea at the same time. When you are well-attuned to another person, such as your spouse or mate, you will often have thoughts identical to him or her at the same time during the day, and will only find out that you had reached the same conclusions when you compare notes hours later.

Your superconscious mind is capable of inspiration and guidance. When you are working determinedly toward an intention, your superconscious mind will generate a continuous flow of ideas and energy to help you move forward. Your superconscious mind automatically and continually solves every problem on your inspirational path as long as your intention is clear. Your superconscious mind will also give you the lessons, the feedback and the experiences you need overcome setbacks, problems frustrations and temporary failures.

The critical thing in using your superconscious mind is your attitude. Your superconscious mind functions best with an attitude of calm, confident expectations. When you adopt an attitude of faith and acceptance, when you confidently accept and believe that everything that is happening to you is moving you progressively toward your purpose in life, you superconscious mind seems to come alive, like all the lights have been turned on in a room.

Here is a six step method to help you plug into your superconscious mind on a daily basis.

1. Decide exactly what you want. This is usually the biggest problem most people have. They don’t know what they really want and then they’re surprised when they don’t get it.
2. Write it down clearly in every detail. An intention or desire that is not written down is merely a wish. When you write it down, you signal your superconscious mind that you really want to accomplish this particular objective.
3. Write your intention in simple, present tense words staring with “I am” on three five by five index cards and carry them with you to read and re-read throughout the day whenever you get a chance.
4. Make a list of everything you can think of that you can do that will move you toward your desire or intention. Making a list intensifies your desire and deepens your belief that it will manifest.
5. Visualize your intention repeatedly. Set I in your mind’s eye as though it were already a reality. The more clear and vivid your mental picture is of your desire, the faster it will manifest in your life.
6. Release your intention completely to your superconscious mind, in complete faith that you’ve done your part and now your superconscious is working on it. Turn your desire over to the power of the universe and just get out of the way.

The power is yours. Your superconscious mind is the same mind that has worked for countless men and women over the ages to bring them everything they wanted in life and you can too when you start tapping into the power of superconsciousness.

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