The Art Of Living A Peaceful Life

the-art-of-living-a-peaceful-lifePeople often experience imbalance in their lives that keep them from feeling happy and fulfilled. When these times happen it’s important to know that the Universe is on your side. You have all the support and cooperation that you need to feel peaceful.

To be happy you don’t have to achieve perfect balance because life is in constant motion. It keeps shifting and changing. Your intention just needs to be, to keep moving in the right direction and to recognize that when things don’t go the way you planned it’s not a failure. It’s not something you’re doing wrong. There is no need to be frustrated or beat yourself up. Simply recognize it, step back and bring yourself back towards center.

Life is not a science, rather it’s an art that keeps you ever mindful that the world as whole is out of balance but you can move through that imbalance gracefully and experience the best life has to offer without a lot of effort.

I have many clients who are business men and women. They are often overworked and feel physically drained. They are so driven to achieve success and make more money that they are missing the most important things in their lives such as connections with friends and family. They neglect parts of their nature that are really essential. They are not experiencing true satisfaction. Somewhere inside they realize this but because they live in their ego they ignore it and push themselves even harder.

Often I will point out simple little things they can do to bring their life back into balance such as, having the best sheets and a comfortable pillow to get a good night’s rest.  Stop working at the end of the day, go home and enjoy a good meal with their family. Share with those who care about them something personal. Instead of taking a quick shower and dash and run enjoy a nice 15 minute luxurious bath.

These are simple little things I often suggest to my clients to help them bring their lives gently back into balance. Every one of these little experiences adds a quality to their life that isn’t there right now; a personal caring and kinder quality that will give them a more connected energy with the world than they are having currently with themselves.

You don’t have to dramatically change your lifestyle, just make some subtle adjustments. It is easy to bring your life back into balance without stopping the life you have. It is simply a matter of being conscious of what you need, when you need it and then create the space to have it.

Men are just as out of balance as women. It is not a gender specific problem although I often find that each group believes that the other is more out of balance than they are. In different ways both men and women are running themselves into the ground primarily because they don’t really know how to create balance in their lives.

Their generic solutions are always the same, whatever they are doing they do more of in hopes that it will eventually bring about balance but it never does.

You cannot bring about peace, happiness and fulfillment until you first recognize what is wrong and then make the subtle adjustments to give your spirit what it needs. Once you do this then you will feel whole and in harmony with the world as you were intended.

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