Stress Can Have Dangerous Cellular Effects

stress dangerous cellular effectsStress Causes Illness and Dis-Ease

Stress is the root cause of virtually every illness and disease in the human body including stroke, heart disease and cancer. Most of us go through life with continuous emergencies every single day but are they real?

An emergency is an experience in which you believe there is a threat to your life. It can be blatant or it can be subtle. By in large most people take an emergency to mean any distressing experience that takes place in your life. You are jumping to a conclusion that there is something wrong and is about to happen to you.

For example you’re afraid of missing the bus and you’ll be late for any appointment or a glass falls out of your hand and you “gasp” thinking it’s an emergency. Anything that causes a distressing response we consider it an emergency. We feel there is a threat implied in the situation.

In a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic it was found that 99% of all incidents people consider to be emergencies are false. It is very rare to become involved in a true emergency situation. An actual emergency is a threat to your life that is real and true. For example, someone who has a gun pointed at you and is threatening to kill you would be a true emergency because your life is at stake.

From the moment we get up in the morning and get to work we have already experienced something we have perceived to be an emergency. For example, you got stuck in traffic and are afraid you’ll be late for work so you stress but the question you have to ask is, was it a true of false emergency? If it’s a false emergency you are telling an untruth to yourself.

Most of us live our life in an emergency state which causes a natural physiological response often called the “flight or fight response.” When we experience a perceived emergency situation we can run away from it, we can ignore it, we can go into shock or we can stand and fight.

What distinguishes a true emergency from a false one is in a false emergency you have no options to flee or fight because there is nothing to run from or fight against other than your own misperception of the situation. It is what you add on to the perceived situation that creates in you a sense of having to do something in response to it.

When you have a “flight or fight” response to a situation it triggers a neurological and hormonal release. Your body gears up for the emergency and puts out hormones from the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands. The pancreas puts out insulin and the liver puts out glycogen. Dangerous noradrenalin is released and lactic acid comes from your muscles because they are tightened.

You are literally becoming a pharmacy because your body is producing all of these chemicals in response to this perceived threat you don’t even know is true or false? Your body is flooded with all of this hormonal reserve thrown into your system because you have received a phone call about something has taken place that is disturbing to you but is not a real threat to your existence.

Since there is no release for these chemicals that have now flooded your body during this false emergency they simply break down and become toxic waste products. You are loaded up with poisonous metabolic products in your system and in addition you are feeling uneasy.

This toxic waste has to be discharged so it triggers a cellular response because there is a natural movement in our body to seek balance. Our body discharges this toxic waste through nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, frequent urination, pain, swelling and sweating. We then worry about these symptoms and it creates another emergency.

As we continue to perceive these false states of emergency our cellular system that discharges this toxic waste from our body begins to age and not function as well because we have called on it so often during our lifetime. The cells begin to change and lose their structure which causes the body to go into decay causing all types of disease.

If we continue to go through the emotional distressing responses due to false emergencies our body will eventually die prematurely because of all the unnecessary decay we have caused it to go through.

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