The Power Of Meditation

the-power-of-meditationThe most important skill you can develop in raising your intuitive awareness and living a six sensory life is meditation.  Without daily meditation you cannot be intuitive and you will not be able to hear the guiding wisdom of your spirit.

Meditation is the art of relaxing your body and quieting your mind. Training your mind to be still is very much like training a puppy to sit still. Your mind likes to jump around a lot and it needs to be told many times to sit still before it will cooperate. This is what meditations does, it stills your mind by holding your attention on thing to the exclusion of all else over a period of time.

When you meditate it breaks the mental patterns of vibration, opens up your awareness and allows your spirit to speak to you. I recommend to my clients that they meditation for about fifteen minutes every day. It’s important when you meditate to be practical. Take a look at your life and you see what would be the most consistent time to meditate every day. Experiment to find the time of day that works best for you and then always set that time aside daily to meditate.

Meditation is the foundation of six sensory living and without it you will not be able to train your awareness to expand. Often people are afraid that they will not be able to meditate or they won’t be able to do it right or they’ll make a mistake. The only mistake you can make is to not do it.

You shouldn’t perceive meditation as a job or an assignment or another self-improvement practice you need to do rather look at mediation as a gift you give to yourself. It is taking a few minutes out of every day and turning your attention inward. Clearing your mind and listening to the deep still voice of your spirit. All you need to do when you meditate is to sit quietly, focus on your breath, quiet your mind and be still.

There are different ways you can meditate. You can meditation to relaxing music or just using your breath. There are many good CD’s that will help you through a guided meditation.

If you are just beginning I recommend you meditate by concentrating on a single repetitive mantra a single thought that will bring you tranquility. A thought such as “I am at peace or I am still or I am calm” breathe in quietly and say the first part of the mantra.  For example as you breath in say “I am.” After you hold your breath for just a moment slowly exhale saying the second part of your mantra, the word “calm” and as you exhale allow the peace reverberate throughout your entire body, for example “I am” inhale; “calm” exhale and then relax.

It’s important to know that in the beginning of your meditation practice your mind will wander and when it does gently direct your mind back to the words of the mantra.

Meditation is a simple but learned skill. During this time you are learning to shut out the outside world and direct your awareness to your higher self. You need to approach it with gentleness and patience.

The practice of meditation is the most important skill you can learn to develop your intuitive awareness and be able to hear the guiding voice of your spirit.

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