The Six Sensory Pathway

six-sensory-pathwayIn my previous two blogs we have discussed intellectual and emotional blocks that prevent you from listening to your inner wisdom. Today I want to talk about blocks you encounter in the present. These are the blocks you will deal with day to day that will prevent you from listening to the voice of your spirit.

For example, if you are conscious of your intuition you may feel nervous or afraid of expressing it because you’ll feel like the odd person out. You will feel like you are the only one in the room who notices something and no one else does so instead of trusting your own feeling you question it because no one else notices.

When you choose to live a six sensory life the Universe will ask you to pass some tests. You will be asked to make a decision as to whether or not you will follow your own instincts, what your own inner voice tells you or whether you will surrender it to those around you who have another opinion.

Listening to and following your intuition may put in a very unpopular position, you may have to go against the flow or raise an objection when the people around you want to go in a different direction you may be the one who says “no.”

You may have to pass the test of being unpopular or going against the general consensus. You may be ridiculed because people mock what they don’t understand or accept. You may have to pass the test of rejection. Some people will think you’re simply weird or odd. You may have to pass the test of receiving criticism.

Very few people support intuitive feelings. Even though society is transforming towards more acceptance of intuition we still have a long way to go. You may have to pass the test of being misunderstood but the rewards for living a six sensory life will make it worth passing these tests.

You’ll begin to listen to your inner wisdom and honor who you really are. You will stop depending on others for your security and tap into your own source of confidence. You will develop integrity, courage and be led to new opportunities for creativity and adventure. You will discover how to create abundance in your life. You will find ways to make new friends and even encounter love. You will find well being and can even restore your health.

It’s worth passing the tests in order to lead a six sensory life but it would be naïve and misdirected to believe that the whole world is going to celebrate you as you begin to remember who you really are.

You will be perceived by others as being different because you will start speaking up and not going with appearances. This can be freighting and even threatening to others.

Here are a few suggestions to overcome the blocks you will encounter in the present. First, don’t let six sensory living be one of reform. In other words don’t try to convince people who have not shown any interest or don’t remember they are spiritual beings who they really are. Instead just be subtle and follow your guidance instead of advertising it.

You should find other people to be intuitive with because it is easier when you have companions and feedback systems. You can write down your experiences and keep them in a journal. There are many ways to express who you are and what you feel without attracting opposition.

There is no way around it at some point you will have to follow the voice of your spirit.  The way to do this is with humor which is far more effective than with confrontation. For example, suppose you are at work and your intuition tells you that a project should be done in a different way from how your coworkers feel it should be, rather than digging your heals in you can simply introduce your idea playfully and creatively. It is all about how you frame it.

You should never go into any situation with the attitude, “my intuition says” even though some will listen. Even though they may not publicly agree but they will listen.

The way to introduce your sixth sense into your life is to be creative, playful and subtle whenever you can. It does take courage but you can build up to that courage step by step.

In order to lead a six sensory life you must be willing to walk through the gateway to connect with your spirit and join the group of people who are not going to be pushed around by others or surrender their personal power and let others make their decisions for them.

This is the time in your life when you have to make the most important decision. The decision to take responsibility for yourself; once you decide to listen to your inner wisdom you will find slowly but surely other people like you who will definitely feel and indeed be different from the masses.

If you are ready to take responsibility for who you are and for creating the life you want to live then you will be ready to embark on the six sensory pathway for living an extraordinary life.

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