Three Sources of Intuition

three-sources-of-intuitionOne of the questions I am asked most often is, “Where does intuitive information come from?” Intuition actually comes from three distinct sources.

The first is your own subconscious mind. Our mind is an incredibly sharp apparatus taking in every bit of information that you experience. It is not possible for you to be conscious of all this information at all times so it is stored in your subconscious mind and it can be accessed when you need it just like if it were stored in a computer.

Let’s say for example you become interested in cooking and during your life you had the opportunity to be around many good cooks but you didn’t really pay attention to how the food was prepared because it didn’t interest you. Your subconscious mind still recorded and stored all the information. If you decide later in life that you are interested in cooking you will suddenly have these “Ah Ha’ moments where you know a lot of things about cooking but you don’t really understand how you have this knowledge.  This is subconscious intuition.

The second source of intuition is telepathy. We are constantly broadcasting our thoughts at all times in the form of energy. An example of telepathy would be if you’re standing in line to get into a movie theatre and you start singing the verse to a particular song in your head and then all of a sudden you hear someone in back of you start singing the same song out loud.

We are constantly communicating telepathically. For example you’re thinking about friend you haven’t spoken with in a while and all of a sudden he or she calls you. We are actually communicating before we have the physical experience. This is when ideas pop into your mind. Like a stream of words or a song. You think of someone and then out of the blue you run into them.

The third source of intuition is your higher self or spirit energy. These kinds of guiding insights have to do with your purpose in life, the primary relationships you have, your creativity, and your service to the world. These are the guiding instincts that may say for example, “You’re an artist” even though you are working in an entirely different field.

These are the kinds of messages that remind you who you are and urge you to go back to that path of authenticity; to let the world experience your creativity. Higher self awareness is about your life; your path; your talents; your purpose; your health and your life mattering. Your higher self reminds you not to go in a certain direction because that’s not who you are.

Messages from your higher self are not long. Usually they are just one or two words, they are very clear and simple. Your higher self always reminds you that you are never too old to be who you really are and when you live your purpose it will move you into grace and you’ll find happiness. You’ll share who you are with the world and become healthy and whole. When you listen to your higher self you will feel relieved as if a burden has been lifted from your shoulders and you’ll feel peaceful.

We have our “Ah Ha” experiences where we get interesting pieces of information that solve our problems and give us solutions. We have our telepathic experiences that remind us that we are all spiritual beings and connected to one another on the physical and spiritual level. We have spirit guidance which gives us the direction to be all that we are intended to be in this lifetime.

These are the three sources of intuition that you want to be open to, that you want to expect, that you will learn to trust over time and then it will become easier to act on them.

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