Understanding Communication In The Subtle Realms

understanding-communication in the subtle realsmsI’d like you to reflect on a time or moment in your life when you may have been influenced by something you can’t explain or understand. You knew there was something there helping you but you just couldn’t explain it. This is your contact point where you have this conscious, fluid flow from the subtle realms.

Most people are under the impression when they have contact with spirit it is going to be a big moment but contact with the subtle realms are small moments. They are little things that make a big difference.

We have a lot of outside influences in our life such as television, movies and social media where we are being conditioned to expect some big life changing flash to occur but that’s not the way it happens. In order to begin living a spirit guided life you need to eliminate this belief or expectation of how communication works in the spirit realm.

Recognize spirit is not necessarily coming to you through the five senses but rather through your intuition. Spirit touches our life through an average of a thousand little messages a day. Synchronicities, magical moments, coincidences and “ah ha” moments are ways spirit guides speak to us throughout the day.

How you came upon this blog was guided. The decision as to whether or not to read this was definitely spirit influenced. This is how sprit guidance works. You need to recognize how it might work for you so you can begin to develop subtle relationships.

Working in the spirit world is about cultivating relationships with conscious forces of energy which are just as real as the relationships you have with people on the physical plane. The difference is the vibration is more subtle so you won’t have visual contact. For example think about people you have relationships with who you don’t see. You only talk to them on the phone. You don’t see them but there is a frequency that allows a connection. It’s comfortable; you pick up the phone and communicate with another person through this frequency you don’t really understand.

When you communicate via Skype, you are communicating with people who are not present. You don’t see the person but you have this dynamic interaction. The reason these things are so incredible is because they are the reflection of our own consciousness beginning to break out of the paradigms of the linear world. We have come up with creations that allow us to connect with people vibrationally.

I consult with people all over the world. I have conversations over the phone with people who I never see. I have face to face conversations via Skype and the interactions are all very real.

Think of a platform, first you are having conversations with the person next to you or your neighbor you can see them and then you go up an octave and you’re having telephone conversations, you go up another octave and you’re having Skype conversations and you go up yet another octave and you’re now having telepathic conversations where the apparatus of connection gets more and more refined.

In order for you to navigate in the spirit world with some degree of comfort and understanding you have to follow the correct steps because the biggest obstacle is your own intellect that will say “I don’t understand this so I’m not going to believe it.”

It takes time, practice and commitment but it’s all about building relationships step by step. The first frequency of telepathy works human to human with someone whom you have never met, and then to the next person who you are going to meet. Then it’s this human to this spirit guide and then this guide to another guide.

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