Understanding The Creative Power Of Your Expression

Creative Power Of ExpressionWhen our expression is open and balanced we communicate with integrity and become a conduit for positive, uplifting energy. When our expression is fully balanced we communicate only what is in true harmony with our heart and spirit.

Balanced expression happens when what is in our heads and heart is in alignment. We then put out energy into the world that is in complete harmony with where we are at a core level. When you have balanced expression, there is no harm to you or others while speaking absolute truth.

When you communicate exactly what you mean without harming yourself or others you have real power. Balanced expression allows you to influence others. You understand how we are all interconnected and how what we put out into the world has influence. It matters and affects other people in a real way.

For example, suppose you wake up in the morning and have an argument with your spouse and then you go to work and you snap at a coworker who gets mad at another coworker who then goes home after work and snaps at his or her kids. This is the power of your words.

What you put out into the universe has a powerful effect on what happens around you. If you put out positive energy. It will ripple out into the world having a positive effect in ways you are not aware of. On the other hand, if you put out negative energy by saying something harsh, cruel or negative it will have a definitive negative impact on others.

What you say is your magic wand. What comes from your mouth has the power to build your world. What you say is so powerful that whatever you say, the universe is compelled to make it so. You are born a divine creator. In the Bible, it says “In the beginning was the word.” To me this means we speak our universe into being. We speak our reality into being.

Our words are so powerful that no matter what words we say the universe will try to make it so to give us what we desire. For example, if you say, “I am sick” the universe will try to make it so because it wants you to resonate in truth.  If you say, “I am lonely” the universe is compelled to make that so. What you claim is what you create.

What is your expression? What words do you speak? What do you tell the universe about you? As you speak you are telling the universe, “this is what I want to create for myself.” The world doesn’t know who you are, it will only respond by what you say.

Balanced expression is a very powerful tool to have. When you speak your truth, it rings out like the clearest bell. We can hear truth. We may not consciously recognize one another’s truth or untruth but our body recognizes it.

When you stand with someone who speaks the truth every cell in your body will open and respond even if the communication is not pleasant. We can hear it. Especially if the communication is spoken with love. If we say things that are not true or in harmony with our heart we may not be able to identify what it is about the expression that doesn’t feel right but something in our body will shut down and go into defense.

It’s important to understand that the universe will not allow us to be out of integrity. If you say something that isn’t true the universe will try to shift things in your life to make it true. For example, I’ve known many clients and friends who have made up excuses to get out of doing things. They’ve said things like, they were sick or got into an accident and then it would happen to them in real life.

Power of the word, balanced expression. What you say will be. Remember we are all co-creators with the universe so you must take full responsibility for your expression.

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