What Keeps People From Being Balanced?

what-keeps-people-from-being-balancedLife is a never ending challenge. Some days we soar. Other days we may be knocked flat. Finding peace and happiness is a process of taking life day by day; remaining patient, realistic and easy going in your progress. The key to your progress is to have a plan and some awareness of what you need in your life to remain calm, centered and achieve inner peace in your every changing life.

As an intuitive and spiritual teacher, people often come to me with the idea that something is going wrong in their life and they want more guidance and insight. They feel that something is out of order in their work, or with their family, friends or the world at large.

What I have discovered over the years from working with people is that most are oriented towards looking at the outside world as the problem. I have found, the real problem for people is that something is going wrong with their inside world. In their own personal experience, they are not feeling good. There is a malaise they are stuck in.

This is true for all of us. No matter how hard our ego tries to fool us, some part of our life is not working. There is some part of our spirit that is not being fulfilled. Some part of our experience with others is not going well. This leaves us feeling out of balance, frustrated and unclear about what we can do to feel better.

One of the other things I often notice is because of the competitive nature of our society when people feel bad they want to do more and therefore add more stress to their lives which then spirals them more out of balance.  People often don’t understand what is wrong with the picture, what is going in their lives. They don’t feel well even when their physical world is good.

This all stems from the fact that most people don’t understand how to balance themselves. We don’t understand who we are on a spiritual level; we don’t understand that we have a physical and a spiritual anatomy.

We have a soul overlay that corresponds to our physical body that is just as much a part of who we are as our physical anatomy. Just like our physical body has to be in balance for us to feel good so does our spiritual anatomy. If we don’t understand what we are made of how are we ever going to keep our lives in order?

Our spiritual anatomy is known as the chakra system. This energy system is fundamental to our well being. It is our ignorance of it that throws us out of balance. For example, may we meditate for a few minutes once or twice a week or take a long weekend instead of a vacation or we go out dancing once in a while. These things make us feel better for a moment but because we don’t do them regularly and value them as essential for our well being we don’t do them enough.

Most of us live our lives thinking that if I just work harder and longer I will eventually be able to take a day off or a vacation. Then I will feel better but that day never comes. We need to live life as it’s supposed to be lived, from the foundation up rather than living it from our ego. Instead of just living our life we need to love our life.

Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung said “when the diagnosis is correct the healing begins.” Before you can be truly happy and whole you have to understand what is going wrong in your life, what is going wrong in your energy system and bringing you down.

Once we diagnose what is wrong we can bring those things back into balance quickly. Most of us know what we should do but it is up to us individually to make the decision to do what we need to do. What we are willing to do in order to bring balance back into our life.

The most profound gift you can give to those you love and to the world in general is to be a happy, whole, and balanced being. You then become a natural expression of divine beauty and a model of health and vitality for those who are struggling with life.

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