What Living A Six Sensory Life Is About

what-living-a-six-sensory-lfe-is-aboutLiving a six sensory life is more of a process than it is an event. It’s about setting up your life in such a way as to retrieve your awareness and become conscious of the energy that is going around all around you in the moment.

When you organize your life, slow down the pace you keep, and practice deep breathing throughout the day it allows you to be aware. Then you can find the kind of direction that your spirit is offering you moment to moment.

As you become more aware of the energy all around you and your perception increases, then take your perception a step further and notice the people around you. Are they sensitive? Are they perceptive? Are they responsive to the energy around them? Would you feel safe sharing your perceptions with the people around you? Has there been any indication from them that they might respond lovingly with an open mind and heart to your perceptions?

We often sabotage ourselves by giving away those instincts to the wrong people and having those people shut us down and throw us into doubt. This is why it is so important to surround yourself with like minded people who want to expand their own intuitive awareness as well because this will also keep your energy away from those who would sabotage you.

One of the best ways to prevent people from sabotaging your energy is by not telling people what you intuition is guiding you to do unless you know and have a clear sense that they will be supportive. If they are negative, then walk away and if they are unimaginative be private.

Use your common sense along with your sixth sense to awaken the voice of your spirit. Choose wisely those people who you reveal your intuition to. Keep a journal so you can write down intuitive messages. When you do you’ll feel less inclined to share your perceptions with the wrong people and you will have confidence because your hunches and gut feelings are written down on paper proving you were right in following them.

As you open to six sensory living one of the first things you’ll notice is the energy of the people around you. You will become more conscious of how their vibrations feel to you, their frame of mind, their pace, and their disorganization.

I caution you, as you embark on a sixth sensory life not to start correcting other people’s way of living.  Never judge, just keep to yourself. For example, if you are around disorganization, step away from it, if you are around people who are moving at a hectic pace step back and take a breath. This will prevent you getting sucked into another person’s energy and drama.

Simply follow your own judgment and listen to the voice of your spirit

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