Why Boundaries Are Important

why-boundaries-are-importantWith all the interest over the past 20 years in spiritual oriented books and personal growth it has become fashionable to refer to the limitless potential of every human being. Sometimes this done by putting up motivational posters and framed pictures of beautiful scenes of nature with a caption such as, “If you can dream it you can do it!”

If you are as skeptical of new age motivational techniques as I am you are probably wondering about the title of this blog. You have already been told that you’re possibilities for achievement are infinite, that limitations exist only in your mind. If you take the time to reflect on your life you find that you often have been limited no matter what the motivational speakers have told you. Options have sometimes been closed to you and there may not have been much you could do about it.

For example, maybe you want to be a professional football player but you only weigh 140 pounds that option is closed. If you want to be an opera singer but you cannot carry a tune that option is also closed. This is way things are; between dreaming and doing reality intervenes. After all you are not alone on this planet others have needs, desires and a purpose too and to the extent that they might be affected by your decisions you must take them into consideration.

So before discussing boundlessness lets acknowledge all that is good and necessary about boundaries. For one thing you would go insane without them. Let’s say for example, you experience time as your spirit does, an eternal present in which you are constantly aware of everything that happened in the past or will happen in the future. As it is now you may feel that you don’t have enough information to decide things but how would you make decisions if you feel that you have an infinite volume of information?

If you knew all that there ever was or would be to know about yourself you would be paralyzed by information overload. Lost in the vastness of time, you may conclude that whatever you decided didn’t much matter anyway. The truth is that your freedom to decide and to really care about your decisions depends on not knowing everything there is to know about the outcome.

You have to feel that what you choose matters and it does. This is why your limitless spirit has chosen to manifest as you in this world of limits. In the dimension of space and time continuum; actions have consequences and your spirit can only fully experience consequences as your physical self here in the physical world.

We have to connect to the energy of the Universe a little at a time. There is a threshold between the space-time continuum and the world of the spirit that allows energy to filter through in doses that we can handle, then as you become aligned with your spirit the filter lets more come through but it should never be forced open. Alignment is a balance, a circulation of energy of body, mind and spirit. If the energy of spirit is allowed to overwhelm body and mind you will be out of alignment. You may have some wonderful experiences but you will not be able to integrate them into your mission. Your body and mind need an order of the information before it can assimilate it.

We can open to a breakthrough experience and take a lot in but then we need time to fully digest it. We need to mull it over with our minds express it to others and reinforce it with our actions. Through this process of digestion we gradually expand our consciousness. We get used to first knowing things that make us feel dizzy and disoriented. Information and guidance will come to you at such high speed and frequency that you need boundaries in order to digest the information spirit gives us.

Sometimes a challenging idea can have definite physical manifestations. This is the wisdom of your physical self telling you to ease up. To wait that there is too much energy coming in at once. The thought will return when the proper context for it arrives. The context is a container, a boundary that keeps you from being flooded or intoxicated with information.

Your spirit needs no containers but within the space-time continuum a truth without context or in the wrong context can become harmful. Your boundless spirit can experience everything at once but while we are living in our physical body too many simultaneous feelings would overwhelm us and make us numb. We are better off taking one thing at a time which is why we need boundaries.

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