Dreams are the mysterious language of the night!

We just have to be open and listen to the message from our Angels, Guides and Ancestors.

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Tap into the Power of Dreams to Discern the Inner Messages

They can contain creative inspiration or assist in melting the barriers in your life.

Since the dawn of time, dream weavers have slipped through the crack between the two worlds to touch the reaches of inner space and reap the harvest of the night. These secret messages from the mind can foretell your future, reveal your past, and warn you of danger. They can contain creative inspiration or assist in melting the barriers in your life. Dreams can serve as a doorway to the mystic arena of the night for inner-dimensional travel and communication on the inner realms with loved ones. They can be a springboard for night healing, astral travel, emotional healing and soul searching.

However, for most people, dreams are now but relics of the mind. We can no longer call on the Muses of the Night by direct path. In ancient times, when the cycles of nature and the cycles of man were closely intertwined, dreams of the past and the future, dreams of hunting and planting, and those of war and peace all directed the course of the tribe or culture. They were deemed essential for survival and for the continuance of life. Dreams were a natural outflow originating from a deep alignment with the forces of nature. In the night hours, emissaries of nighttime wisdom were called on to bring forth understanding and healing.

As the sands of time shift and change, the time to awaken the inner dreamer is now.  

In our session together I will give you the tools needed to help you discern your inner messages that come through your nightly dreams. The deeper intent is to provide information and experiences that will allow you to discern your own internal answers, which aren’t necessarily found in anyone’s teaching but are woven in the depths of your soul.


I will assist you in taping into the power of dreams to discern the inner messages that come through in your nightly dreams so that you deeply empower every aspect of life.

And for over 30 years  I’ve guided thousands of people.  

My work is rooted in one very important lesson...We receive messages constantly from our Angels, Spirit Guides and Ancestors, we just have to be open and listen.

I Work from a Lifetime

of Experience.

There is another way – a better way – than trying to figure it all out from a place of fear and control. I’ll show you how.

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30 Minute with Joe
30 Minute Dream Consultation with Joe - $100
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1 Hour with Joe
One Hour Dream Consultation with Joe – $200

Dream Testimonials

“For my many years,before every holiday I had dreams that I had a house full of people with no presents and no food. I really dreaded every holiday because of these dreams. Joe interpreted my dreams to show me that they were telling me I was rushing around to please everyone else and neglecting myself. Once I understood this, I no longer stressed to get everything done. I just enjoy the holiday and no longer have these bad dreams. It was a wonderful and inspiring experience working with Joe. He put me on a path to self-discovery.”  - Kathy M.

“My daughter, Maria was having terrible nightmares to the point where she was afraid to sleep at night. Joe bonded with Maria in our first session and through several consultations help Maria turn her nightmares into something silly and fun. She felt empowered, rather than victimized and no longer has nightmares.” - Ewa S.

“I was having these disturbing dreams about being naked at my job, but no one could see me. The dreams were really affecting my work. Joe showed me how my dreams were just pointing out my own insecurity at my job and that was holding me back. Joe really blew me away with his accuracy and got me on the right path quickly. Since then, I have gotten two promotions.” - Durian E.

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