The Power of Gratitude

power of gratitude photoGratitude is one of the most powerful feelings that you can have. Being grateful is, knowing that there are no ordinary moments in life. Every moment of your life is one to be grateful for because it’s a gift.  Be grateful for everything in your life even if it’s a problem or a difficulty because there is a valuable lesson to learn from, if you’ll just look for it.

We often take things for granted in our life. For example, our health, if you’re in good health you should be grateful every day that you have a healthy heart, liver, lungs, etc. Consider for a moment those unfortunate people that don’t have good health.

If you’re a parent, how often do you tell your children that you are grateful that you have them? Not how lucky they are to have you as a parent. Be grateful to have your children, they are the greatest blessing you can have.

There are two ways that you can look at things in your life:

  • You can look at things in your life with de-appreciation; where you complain, whine, and resent almost everything.
  • You can look at things in your life with appreciation; being grateful for everything that comes into your life.

Gratitude is the complete and full response of the heart to everything in the Universe. When you’re grateful you cannot have feelings of separateness from what shows up. You are connected to source.

When you’re resentful, complaining and finding fault with things in your life you are completely in ego and you’re creating obstacles that block your connection with spirit. Whereas, when you are expressing gratitude for everything that shows up in your life and continuously expressing your gratitude with affirmations it keeps the channel clear between you and spirit.

I am grateful for everything including the small things for example, when I’m driving in traffic and I have to change lanes, when someone let’s me in I express my gratitude. When I’m able to find a parking space on a busy street, I express my gratitude for it. I express gratitude for the food I eat whether I’m at home or at a restaurant. I’m grateful for the table I sit at to eat and the cleanliness around me.

When you have an attitude of being grateful it becomes infectious and it opens up the channel with your spirit guides to bring you more to be grateful for.

People who are grateful seem to get more than those who aren’t because people who are resentful don’t understand that it’s their own resentment and negativity that is blocking their connection with their spirit. When they do get good things in their life their usual response is that it’s not enough, I deserve more or someone else has something better than me. They are stuck in this ego driven life they have created.

Be grateful when things don’t show up. Learn to be grateful for what you don’t have and for the sufferings and low points in your life. Until you can be grateful in those moments of scarcity  and learn from the lesson of that moment you cannot advance out of it.

For example I’ve never met a person who came out of poverty and achieved success not to be grateful for the lessons he or she learned going through it. I’ve never met a person who has recovered from an addiction who is not grateful for lessons the addiction taught them.

Being grateful is free expression of the heart to the fullness of the Universe and an understanding that you’re not going to get it all, because you don’t need it. You already have all you everything you need be peaceful, successful and have love.  Anything else that shows up is simply a bonus.

If you want more out of life than the formula is simple, be grateful for what you have including what you don’t.

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