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Spiritual Workshops, Manifestation and Chakra Balancing Workshops

Joe Love’s unique teaching style provides fast moving, informative, and enjoyable seminars and workshops on the subjects of spirituality, working with spirit guides, your soul’s purpose, six sensory living, manifesting your desires, chakra balancing, and nutritional health.

Each topic will present the audience with a series of highly effective principles, techniques and meditations that can be applied immediately to embark on a new way of thinking and being. From interactive workshops to training seminars, Joe will provide you with a customized program specifically designed to meet your needs.

Here are just a few of the topics covered by his talks:

  • • Six Sensory Living
  • • The Hidden Power of Your Dreams
  • • Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire
  • • Meat and Work With Your Spirit Guides
  • • The Chakras; Balancing the Seven Centers of Your Soul

We can customize any topic to meet your needs

To book Joe for a seminar, workshop or other event or please contact us at: 866-212-0608 or email us at: info@joeloveiw.com to tell us a little bit more about what you are looking for.

Here’s what people are saying about Joe’s programs:

“Today’s program was GREAT! You teach from the heart, you are so alive and transfer what you believe to the audience. You are such a divine gift!”  — Rebecca G., Philadelphia, PA

“This was the first time attending one of your seminars. Oh my!! What a blessing. If felt your lively spirit throughout the program. I will definitely attend your seminars in the future. As a matter of fact I will listen to the recording over and over. Thank you for your spirit and love.” — Kimberly D., Dallas, TX

“Hi Joe, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the seminar. I love your message and your positive energy. I had gotten a reading from you several months ago and you were so helpful and a greatly appreciate you!” — Lea F., New Hamburg, ON

“I LOVE your seminars. Hearing you in person brings a smile to my face. Your warmth and joy really come through in everything you teach. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of your students.”  — Arleen H., Pittsburgh, PA

“Your program today was fantastic!!!! I was spellbound, honestly, I could have listened to you talk for days! Thank you SO much!” — Jasiel P., Northridge, CA

“I loved the program today!!! You are such a loving and compassionate man. I attend a lot of metaphysical workshops but yours is by far my favorite! You teach people how to become totally one with creation. Thank you for all your assistance and love that you provide to all of us.” — Jamie F., Holland, OH

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