Tapping Into Your Spiritual Energy for Better Health

Spiritual EnergyOur bodies are permeated and nourished by spiritual energy and guidance. Having faith and trust in this reality is crucial for lasting health and happiness. When you have faith in something greater than her intellect or your present circumstances, you are in touch with your inner source of power. Each of us has within us a divine spark. We are inherently a part of God/Goddess/Source. Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within, and we can make this spiritual connection through our inner guidance. We need to go no further than ourselves to find it.

Learning to connect with our inner wisdom, our spirituality, is not difficult, but neither our intellect nor our ego can control either the connection or the results. The first step is to hold the intent to connect with divine guidance. The second step is to release our expectations of what will happen as a result. The third step is to wait for a response by being open to noticing the changes in the patterns of our lives that relate to the original intent.

Though each of us is part of a greater whole, we are also individuals. The unique part of this whole that we each embody must be expressed fully in order to create health, happiness, and spiritual growth for ourselves and others. The way to best express this divine part of ourselves is by becoming all of who we are. Our bodies direct us toward full personal expression by letting us know what feels good and “right” and what doesn’t. Illness is often a sign that we are somehow off track from our life’s purpose. That is why Bernie Siegel, M.D., says, “Illness is God’s reset button.”

When we invite the Divine into our lives by sincerely asking our inner wisdom, or higher power, or God for guidance in our lives, we’re invoking great power. This can’t be taken lightly. The reason people are cynical about this and make fun of it is that they are afraid. When you sincerely invite in the Divine (your inner guidance or spirit) to assist you with your life, you are granting permission for your life to change. Those areas of your life that no longer serve your highest purpose may start to disintegrate—and this can be frightening. Author or spiritual teacher, Caroline Myss says, “Wiping out a marriage or a job is a day at the beach for an angel.” The key to getting through it is being open to the power of your spirit.

Believing in angels, having your astrological chart done, or getting an intuitive reading doesn’t excuse anyone from the work of healing and becoming whole. Remember that anything can be used addictively—even so-called spiritual pursuits. Too many people use their “spiritual practices” to avoid addressing the difficult areas of their lives. Using crystals, New Age music, and astrology or going to church twice a week while drinking four ounces of alcohol every night or being abusive to your children will not help you heal. All the “spirituality” in the world won’t do your human homework for you. Only you can take the action necessary to compose a vibrant life. As one of my twelve-step friends told me, “God moves mountains—bring a shovel.”

We are all spiritual beings with all-knowing souls or Higher Powers. Connection with spirit is inherently part of being human. For centuries our culture has tried to control our inherent spirituality via religion. Though some people may gain access to their spirituality through organized religions, too many religions rely on static dogma and rules that serve to split us from our daily spirituality.

Regardless of what you believe about spirituality, it is important to bring a sense of the sacred into your everyday life. Spirituality pervades all that I do. My spirituality is not set aside for special days such as Christmas, nor do I practice it only in special buildings called churches, synagogues, or temples. My spirituality is every part of me. I’m especially in touch with my spirituality when I’m consulting with my clients and students in helping them to open to their inner guidance system. This is because reaching out to another person to help them heal and connect with their spirituality also helps me heal and connect with mine.

I feel a deep spiritual connection with nature. Many people find peace and comfort in a special place, a place that they may have gone to as children to feel held close by the nurturing qualities of nature. A powerful way to tune in to the natural world is to notice what phase the moon is in and see if this natural waxing and waning has any effect on your body, emotions, or perceptions. Notice what effect the seasons have on you. Does the coming of autumn wake up your senses and find you braced for new beginnings—or does this happen for you in the spring?

Every person must find their own spiritual center and their own inner guidance. And for each person, it will be different.

Regardless of whether you believe in spirit guides, angels, God, Jesus Christ, the human spirit, Buddha, the Blessed Mother, the Great Spirit, or the Goddess. Being in tune with our spiritual resources is a vital healing force. Committing ourselves to remember our spiritual selves and receiving guidance for our lives is part of creating vibrant health and happiness.

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